Young homeowners are concerned according to National Homebuyers

Many of Britain's youngest homeowners are living in fear of financial difficulties as a result of falling house prices.

[UKPRwire, Wed Apr 23 2008] That is according to new research from website Fool, which found that 23 per cent of 24 to 34-year-old homeowners are concerned about getting into negative equity.

In addition, 16 per cent claim to have their estate agent on speed dial because they are so concerned about the state of the market.

David Kuo, head of personal finance at Fool, said that it is right for some people to be concerned about getting into financial difficulties.

"Young people who have not experienced previous recessions are understandably worried about the property market," he commented.

"They include both those who have just bought their first house and those who want to get on the ladder, but whose hopes are being dashed by over-cautious lenders," continued Mr Kuo.

Julian King of National Homebuyers, the UK's leading company providing quick property sale solutions adds, "Anyone who purchased a property in the lack few years when prices were unnaturally inflated are prone to huge risk.

"Prices are levelling to a natural, acceptable level. For many however, this means a quick property sale may be required either maximise value in their property or avoid repossession or other financial difficulties".

Mr King is a director of the UK's leading fast home buyer, National Homebuyers. The company provides repossession and mortgage rescue solutions such as 'Sell and Rent Back'. Sell and Rent Back is where the homeowner sells their property for up to market value and rents it back for an agreed period of time.

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