Aerial Mapping Wales Project to Lead New Initiative for Town Planners

From: Getmapping Plc
Published: Wed Aug 04 2010

Net mapping super star Get Mapping ( is just about to complete its latest sweep of the Welsh landscape – providing a powerful tool for regeneration in some of the country’s most needy areas. Get Mapping’s newest aerial mapping Wales project (the site regularly covers all of the British Isles in an ongoing drive to keep aerial imagery of the whole country up to date and useful) comes at the right time for Welsh town planners, who are looking to maximise on new links with the British mainland (via a ferry that runs from Swansea to Devon) by increasing housing and entertainment capacities in the ferry’s catchment area.

GetMapping, who use technology leased from the most respected cartographic bodies in the UK as part of the AeroGRID consortium, can deliver not only maps and photographs of Wales from the air, but light assisted images that make aerial mapping Wales much more useful to the town planner.

LiDAR, which is a close cousin of RaDAR (LiDAR just uses light waves instead of radio waves) allows GetMapping to produce accurate topographical maps of the country, without the "hazing" usually caused by trees, bushes and other low lying matter. LiDAR images are invaluable to town planners because they reveal the ground as it really is, rather than as it appears – making final decisions about where to make new builds, or how to go about regeneration, much more solid and predictable. The aerial mapping Wales project, which is due for completion at the end of this summer, should direct Welsh town authorities well when they come to choose their new and redeveloping sites.

For more information about GetMapping’s aerial mapping techniques, or access to its current body of photographic and light generated topographical information, visit the website:

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