Creative Animodel Announces Golden Gate TALEN Assembly Kit

From: Creative Animodel
Published: Mon Apr 06 2015

Creative Animodel has a strong commitment to supporting research and development programs of the bio-medical industry. Over the past ten years, the company has contributed to the development of large animal models of osteopenia and other animal models. These years the company has also been focused on TALEN technology and after years of preparation and technical improvement, the company now is able to provide quality TALEN assembly kit to serve the research community.

Transcription activator like (TAL) effector can bind to specific sequences of host DNA, altering the infected plant’s gene expression in ways that further the disease process. They have two distinct domains: an effector domain and an extraordinarily specific DNA-binding domain. The structure of the DNA-binding domain can be manipulated to produce a protein domain that binds specifically to any DNA sequence in the genome. This sequence-targeting technology is known to function in a variety of host systems, including bacteria, yeast, plants, insects, zebrafish, and mammals.

The company’s scientific officer Anna Messer comments: "Compared to other gene targeting technologies, our TALENs kits offer researchers more ease in use and great efficiency. And the cost effective price is one of our advantages over other similar products".

Creative Animodel has provided TALENs services for the generation and analysis of genetically modified rodent models. And the Golden Gate TALEN assembly kit is based on TALEN technology which can be used for a full range of gene editing applications.

About TALEN technology
Transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs) are artificial restriction enzymes generated by fusing a TAL effector DNA binding domain to a DNA cleavage domain. TALENs can be used to edit genomes by inducing double-strand breaks (DSB), which cells respond to with repair mechanisms. The TALEN technology has been used to generate stably modified human embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell (IPSCs) clones to generate knockout animals and also knockin organisms. Besides, TALENs have also been used in vitro to correct the genetic defects that cause disorders.

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