Elabscience ASCB exhibition Achieved Complete Success in San Diego

From: Elabscience
Published: Sun Dec 27 2015

Elabscience announced that the ASCB exhibition in San Diego has achieved complete success. From Dec 13th to 15th, the CEO Yibin Leng and Sales Manager John of Elabscience have met with many customers, including distributors, researchers, professors, and college students; communicated with them, listen to their needs.

Elabscience CEO Yibin Leng said that "From this exhibition, I have found the biotechnology market potential is huge. Through the face to face communication we know more about our customers than before. That is helpful for our product development and marketing." Sales Manager John said "USA is an active market. Personalized demand is increasing, especial for those researchers in specialized field. Itís a new direction for us to win niche market. We will consider supplying wider custom service later."

Many customers have leaved their contact information for Elabscience. It shows that they identified with Elabscience brand and its products. On Dec 20th, Dr. Paul has visited Elabscience in China. Paul said "After tour of Elabsicence Company, I saw their professional and strength. Itís a trusted company. There is no doubt that I will cooperate with Elabscience and recommend it to my colleagues and friends. "

In 2015 Elabscience sales scale has doubled than 2014. Elabscience CEO said "In 2016, we will aim to grab more market share. Improve worldwide customerís numbers and sale amount. Develop priority countries, open new market. In addition, we will pay more attention to products research and development according to customers need, improve customersí satisfaction."

With rapid development, biotechnology will play an important role in our life. Bio industry is bound to be one of the pillar industries in future. Elabscience showed their determination to keep pace with the biotechnology tide by building a one-stop bio reagents shopping platform in 2016. That is a win-win strategy: for customers, they can purchase whatever bio reagents in one platform, save money and time; for Elabscience, a one-stop platform will show more products, save cost, the maximum profit to customers.

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