Thermo Fisher Scientific Hosts Workshop ‘Advances in Column Technology’

Celebrating 20 years of Thermo Scientific Hypercarb Columns at HPLC 2009

[UKPRwire, Wed Jun 24 2009] Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, will be holding a workshop on Advances in Column Technology – Thermo Scientific Hypercarb, in Dresden, Germany on Sunday the 28th of June, preceding HPLC 2009. Participants can hear from top industry and academic scientists on the latest in research and application advancements using Hypercarb Porous Graphitic Carbon Columns. Ranging from sample preparation to green chromatography, unique separations and improved use, attendees will be able to discover what this unique stationary phase can offer.

The Thermo Scientific Hypercarb Column is a phase for HPLC composed of 100% porous graphitic carbon. It is capable of separations unavailable on silica-based phases, and demonstrates exceptional retention of very polar substances and separation of closely related compounds. Furthermore, Hypercarb is stable at pH extremes, at very high temperatures and is compatible with a wide range of solvents. In addition to the workshop, an anniversary party to celebrate 20 years of the Hypercarb Columns will take place in the Terrase Foyer on Sunday the 28th of June.

For full details and to register for the workshop, anniversary party and welcome meeting please visit,,20524,00.html.

To find out more about the full range of Thermo Scientific chromatography consumables, please visit the Thermo Scientific booth # 6-8 at HPLC 2009, 28 June – July 2, in Dresden, Germany. At this exhibition, attendees will also be able to view an extensive collection of Thermo Scientific poster presentations.

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