U.S. Scientists to Share Findings on the Use of Genetic Toxicology Assays at Pharma IQ’s Second Annu

From: IQPC
Published: Fri Feb 12 2010

In an announcement today, Pharma IQ confirmed the participation of two esteemed research scientists from the United States at Pharma IQ’s Second Annual Predictive Toxicology Conference in London, England, Feb. 24-25.

Martha Moore, PhD, a research scientist and director of the division of Genetic and Reproductive Toxicology at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, along with fellow scientist and colleague, Vasily Dobrovolsky, PhD, will present their findings and insights into a novel model for detection of in vivo mutations in the endogenous Pig-A gene of cells. Their report will discuss the use of Pig-A cells in screening and identifying potential mutagens during preclinical safety evaluations.

Dr. Moore’s talk will focus on the use of genetic toxicology assays to predict cancer and heritable mutations and the new approaches and assays that show promise for the future of predictive toxicology.

Dr. Dobrovolsky will be discussing recent results obtained in the development of rodent and human Pig-A models.

"This is a great opportunity for scientists to share their work and for participants to gain useful knowledge about the latest findings in this burgeoning field," said Rachel Kenworthy, event director for Pharma IQ. "We are so excited about all of our participants, in particular Drs. Moore and Dobrovolsky. Their talk will undoubtedly lead to a lot of fascinating and dynamic exchanges about the prospects for improving the predictive capabilities of toxicological assays. It will certainly help support the events’ aim to allow attendees to modernize their toxicology approaches and ultimately ensure that pipeline compounds become safe, profitable drugs from the onset."

Other presenters include Frank Bonner, PhD, chief executive at Stem Cells for Safer Medicines and David Cook, PhD, associate director for Global Safety Assessment at Astra Zeneca who will be sharing other interesting developments on the horizon for predictive toxicology.

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