Airkix and Spheremania Offer an Uplifting Experience

From: Airkix
Published: Tue Sep 14 2010

For the ultimate great day out either for you or for somebody that you know, or even for the whole family, Airkix offers a unique experience that is truly uplifting Spheremania. Along with indoor skydiving, Airkix also introduces the exciting sports of spheremania to make the experience more thrilling for members. The excitement of indoor skydiving gets even wilder and more exhilarating with the experience of spheremania since it is known to be one of the most enthralling sports one can ever indulge in.

At Airkix the usual experience is to stand inside a vertical wind tunnel with air being blasted upwards creating a real experience of flying. Whether you're looking at practising your movements for an outdoor skydive or just want to tumble freely in the air and have an incomparable experience, then Airkix is happy to give you a lift and offer you a memorable experience.

But by combining this technology and experience with the opportunities offered with spheremania, it is now possible to be strapped inside a large translucent sphere which is then lowered into the path of a horizontal wind tunnel. It may not be flight, it certainly isn't a ball game, but the laughs, screams and massive smiles on people's faces is certainly testament to the fact that Airkix has come up with a fantastic new indoor sporting experience which is likely to have a lasting impression. For adrenalin junkies and those who are open to new experiences and exhilaration Airkix is happy to provide a truly uplifting experience.

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