Bradley Booster: New British Energy Gel To Give Wiggins & Co An Extra Edge

From: CNP Professional
Published: Sun Mar 21 2010

British Cycling has worked with Manchester-based sports nutrition company CNP Professional to develop a new energy gel. Called Pro Energy Max, the cola-flavoured gel is designed to not only give an energy boost but also maintain energy levels and heighten mental alertness. It will be used by both Team GB Cycling and the Sky Pro Cycling taking part in the Tour de France.

"The problem with being at the top of the game is staying there," explains Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at British Cycling. "GB Cycling is looking at every possible angle that can give us an edge, which is what Pro Energy Max is designed to do." Thus a key member of the gel's development group was Matt Parker, who heads up the British Cycling's 'marginal gains' team.

The energy gel comes in a 45g single-portion tear-open sachet and is designed to be taken during exercise or competition. What makes Pro Energy Max different is its formula, a targeted combination of caffeine for instant energy, guarana for slow-release energy, carbohydrates to maintain glucose levels, and electrolytes for rehydration. It also contains B vitamins that allow the body to convert the ingredients more easily, to deliver the energy boost to the athlete.

"We're very excited by the new gel," says Mitchell. "We asked our athletes to specify what they wanted in a gel, then CNP worked with us to develop a formula that met the requirements. The critical issue was to get the boost and then maintain it, rather than have the follow-up 'energy flat' that can sometimes happen. The guys at CNP, especially Kerry Kayes and Philip Connolly, invested a lot of time and expertise in getting the formula just so. This has been a really successful piece of partnership work for everyone."

Another key element of the gel's development was the flavour. CNP worked closely with Nigel Mitchell and his team to ensure that Pro Energy Max is not only easy for the body to digest but also tastes good. Once the athletes had settled on cola, CNP developed several flavour variations before the final one was selected by the cyclists and the nutrition team.

Mitchell says that Pro Energy Max will be used by the British Cycling Team across all disciplines, including track, long distance, mountain biking and BMX, as well as by the Sky road team. The gel is used in conjunction with fluids just before a big effort, such as towards the end of a race or at the bottom of a climb, or between rounds in events such as BMXing and track sprinting, to prevent energy flats.

"Initial results have been excellent," confirms Mitchell. "The gel delivers exactly what the athletes asked for.

"This is the first development project between British Cycling and CNP, but we are already planning exciting future projects that we believe will help to give us a competitive edge for the Tour de France, London Olympics and many more," he adds.

Pro Energy Max will be available in the high street, through independent cycle shops, from March 2010. The single portion 45gm sachet will retail at 1.49. It will also be available in boxes of 24. Check out the CNP website,, for more details.

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