Bristol RC sets its sights on promotion

From: CNP Professional
Published: Mon Mar 29 2010

Bristol Rugby Club is on the big promotion push. They have got their sights on getting back into the Rugby Guinness Premiership. They only slipped into the Championship at the end of last season and they don’t intend to stay there.
But life in the Championship is tough. It’s a long season from September to the end of May. As Bristol are in the play-offs there’s 31 games to be played in total – and that’s not counting cup fixtures.
At the moment the club is flying high and has just won its first play-off game against the Cornish Pirates. But to clinch that promotion spot they need to keep winning throughout the play-off campaign.
Keeping a squad fit and healthy for that length of time and maintaining strength levels makes all the difference between who will go up and who won’t. Tom McLaughlin, Strength and Conditioning coach at the Bristol Rugby Club, has researched ways that protein supplements can keep his players performing like powerhouses on the pitch.
"Maintaining fitness is what a successful season is all about," he explains. "We need to make sure the players keep healthy week on week. This season we have started using CNP Professional supplements as an aid to recovery and to build strength.
"We chose CNP proteins because they are the best around. They are extremely pure and free of chemical additives, easily digested and actually taste good. The main supplements we use are Pro Peptide, Pro Recover, Pro Creatine E2 and Pro Solo."
CNP Professional is a leading sports nutrition supplement supplier. Its founder Kerry Kayes is a former bodybuilder and is now the nutrition guru behind sportspeople and varied as distance runners, cyclists, yachtsmen, motor racers, body builders, power lifters and darts players.
Pro-Peptide, an advanced blend of bioactive fast and slow proteins is used by the players at Bristol as source of high quality protein. Pro Peptide also contains probiotic organisms (friendly bacteria) to maintain a healthier digestive system and assist in protein metabolism leading to improved nitrogen retention - the perfect environment for muscle growth.
"It is excellent for lean muscle growth and bulking up," says McLaughlin. "Players who need to keep their weight up would have to eat about six meals a day to get anything near the amount of protein supplied by Pro Peptide."
At Bristol, McLaughlin carries out body fat assessments every four weeks to check that the players are on the right dietary regime for their size, playing position and general health.
"We regularly measure skin folds at four sites over the body with callipers and record the results," he explains. "This is a good indicator of healthy lifestyle and allows us to adjust players’ diets for weight loss or weight gain accordingly.
"Sports supplements are an easy and measurable way of controlling what a player eats. With CNP supplements we can be sure that we are using the best and that they have been carefully formulated to target specific areas. We recommend Pro Solo as an all-in-one performance enhancer and muscle growth stimulator."
Another product used at Bristol is Pro Slam, a protein drink with beta-alanine that can be taken immediately before a workout to boost protein intake. Players use Pro Slam before weight training sessions to prime their bodies and pump up their vascular responses. This is a way of getting the most out of the training session.
And most important is recovery between matches. Here McLaughlin finds CNP’s Pro Recover has proved an excellent way to protect players’ muscles and promote repair and regrowth.
"All in all we are finding CNP supplements and essential part of our promotion strategy," says McLaughlin.
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