CNP and 'The Master' help power Glenn 'The Daddy' Ross to victory

UK's strongest man tackles after-training cramps with CNP Professional supplements.

[UKPRwire, Thu Jun 04 2009] For more than a decade now, Glenn Ross has been called 'the Daddy' of strongmen in Ireland, the UK and all over the world, his nickname coming from his trademark yell of 'who's the Daddy!' after each feat of strength.

This chef-turned-bouncer-turned-strongman from Co. Down, whose hobby is cake decorating, has not only won UK's Strongest Man several times, but he has lifted no fewer than 8 International, Irish and British titles between 1999 and 2008 and continues to rank in world strength competitions.

Yet the Daddy found training tricky in his early days, as he had to overcome 'crippling cramps' after many heavy lifting sessions.

Still only 38 and continuing to compete, Glenn continues to break world records and last year was once again officially the UK's Strongest Man. 'The Daddy' is no slouch, winning several speed events to lift his Strongman crowns. As a competitor he believes his best is yet to come.

But as time marches on he's acutely aware of the importance of nutrition. His enormous musclepower - he regularly lifts over 1,000kg - reflects years of dedication not just to training but also to the diet that backs it up.

"I started using protein supplements seriously about seven years ago," he says. "I'd not long won the Irish and British Strongest Man titles, but as my cramps got worse after hard training it was obvious I needed to do something about it if I was to progress."

Then he met Kerry Kayes, the former bodybuilder, sports nutrition guru and founder of CNP Professional, who encouraged him to increase the role of nutrition in his training. He got Glenn to make a note of what he ate, and to start using CNP Professional protein supplements and other products.

"I'm the Daddy at what I do, but Kerry really is 'the Master' at what he does," says Glenn. "Iíve got a lot to thank him for. Heís shown me the importance of nutrition and new training techniques to build muscle, and over recent years my training really has improved."

Glenn trains up to 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week, mostly alternating between cardio and event training days. And key to his regime are the CNP Professional supplements he uses at the end of each session.

"Since I started with CNP Professional supplements, I donít get cramps any more", he says. "In particular I use CNP Pro-Recover and CNP Pro-Energy carb bars. They really help me recover after training."

Glenn says in his early days with nutritional supplements he tried other types and really hated them. "The ones I used before, they felt like chewing gum in my chest! They just stayed there, didnít move for ages. Sometimes I felt I couldnít train for a long time afterwards!

"But CNP isnít like that. It tastes good and feels good inside. I like Pro-Recover in particular, taken after training. Itís 'all in one', easy to make and easy to swallow. You donít need to think about adding things like milk - just add water, shake to mix then drink. It gives me confidence that everything is in there already. And as I said, my cramps are a thing of the past."

'The Daddy' is training hard for his next feat, the astonishing 1,100 kg raw powerlift. "Iím doing 1,115kg in the gym, but putting everything together on the day, thatís going to be the real test of my strength."

To get there, he says, Kerry Kaye's advice - and CNP Professional protein supplements - are an indispensible part of his training.

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