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Cristiano Ronaldo: Will Stay or Leave. Manchester United-Barcelona in Champions League final. Football Betting odds are at BetUK; this will be interesting to watch it play out.

[UKPRwire, Mon Jun 01 2009] Manchester United fans will be hanging on every word spoken by star Cristiano Ronaldo as talk of next season begins.

The rumors have been flying around for months, but Ronaldo did nothing to quell them when he admitted that “he doesn’t know” if he will be back with Man U next year.

The statement was made in an interview in which he also criticized Coach Sir Slex Ferguson for his strategy in United’s 2-0 loss to Barcelona in the Champions League final.

Ferguson has yet to neither respond, but suffice to say he will not be pleased and it’s also likely nor will most of Ronaldo’s teammates.

He was quoted as saying, 'This is one of the biggest disappointments of my career. We didn't do well,' said Ronaldo. 'The tactics were not good and everything went wrong for us.

We were only in it for 10 minutes and we never found ourselves again,' he said. 'Everything went wrong. We started very well but after that we didn't do anything. We didn't control the game, we didn't play and they played better than us.

'It was very bad in the dressing room afterwards but that is normal after you lose a game.'

Barcelona was full value for the Champions League win. Bookmakers, like has the game close to even on the betting board, but by kick-off Manchester United were small favorites.

The small underdog Barca side were able to score goals in both the first and second half (Samuel Eto'o and Leo Messi respectively), while the Premiership champs had chances, but never really seriously challenged after the first 15 minutes or so.

Now, the focus will be on Ronaldo's future and what will sure to be a wild epic saga of whether he goes to Real Madrid or not.

You can be sure there will be plenty of betting opportunities offered up by the online sportsbooks on if he goes or not.

Real Madrid has been chasing Ronaldo for some time now. Despite there not being a deal last summer, it appears all parties are moving closer to the decision that this superstar player will be moved to the Spanish side. A bid of around £70million seems most likely.

This will be interesting to watch it play out. There is still some great football left, including the FA Cup final. You can check out all the odds at

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