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Published: Tue Jan 12 2010

British triathlete Diane Lee is a rising 'golden girl' on the international athletics stage. The 24 year old from Derbyshire's Peak District has come a long way since starting out as a championship swimmer, developing a love of cycling and finding the triathlon her natural sport. She's now put a growing number of trophies to her name - including winning her age group (20-24) of the 2009 European Long Distance Triathlon championships in Prague.

Diane is committed to good sports nutrition, and has taken her diet a step further this year by adding supplements from CNP Professional to enhance her training routine.

Before commencing winter training, Diane's coach Gary McCaffery gave her a power test on her bike, and was delighted to find that - far from the decline he'd expected during a late summer layoff - she had actually experienced a 30% increase in power, a testament to how important sports nutrition can be as part of the training, even in the more relaxed periods.

Gary believes CNP Professional supplements have been a godsend, allowing him to ensure she's getting the fuel her body needs for superb fitness. "With all the training Diane has to fit in each day, there's little time for her body to absorb all the nutrients it needs for peak performance in conventional meals alone," Gary says. "Now with the help of CNP and careful coaching I know she will be getting exactly what she needs to work at her limit and improve."

Following the summer layoff - which features 'light' training that would probably still exhaust many club-level athletes - Diane has just started five months of what Gary fearsomely calls "hard, cold and wet" winter training in Derbyshire's Peak District. Her immediate goal: to compete and win in the 2010 Ironman South Africa challenge in April, followed by the European Long Distance Tri in Spain in June.

Diane now uses a variety of CNP Professional supplements as part of her regular training program. These include Pro Vital for essential micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and co-factors, Pro MR for fast-acting and balanced protein-rich meal replacement, Pro Omega capsules for Omega 3, 6 and 9, Pro Tect to help protect her joints, ligaments and tendons, Pro Hydrate hypotonic drink, Pro Slam to provide protein bursts before training and events, and Pro Recover to speed up recovery afterwards. She also has a handy supply of CNP energy bars and flapjacks for occasional morale-lifting snacks.

"With the triathlon, training is complex and nutrition needs to be adjusted," Gary adds. "Diane found that the CNP products were very easy to take, something that you can't say about a lot of other supplements.

"But just as importantly, we found the advice and support from Kerry Kayes and his team at CNP was essential. Since we've got three sports in one - cycling, running and swimming - each need their own approach, but all together they benefit even more from careful nutrition, quality supplements and expert advice."

Diane's plan is to qualify for the holy grail of triathlons, the Hawaii Ironman, in October 2010.

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