England World Cup Squad Looks to Recover Quickly from USA Result

From: Evexar Compression Advisory Ltd
Published: Fri Jun 18 2010

Working in partnership with University College London spin‐off, Evexar Compression Advisory Ltd (ECAL), the whole team has been individually measured and fitted with Medical Grade, GC Technology socks to help reduce leg swelling and improve elite sports performance.

The socks, distributed by ECAL and designed by vascular surgeons at UCL, use GC technology: GC stands for Graduated Compression which is seen by more and more elite athletes and their medical advisors to be vital in reducing exercise‐induced stiffness and swelling after matches as well as during travel and even for down‐time and relaxation. Using the compression socks ensures that players are fresher for the next match.

Other sports have also recognised the important part that GC technology can play in improving performance including the England Rugby and British Olympic teams.

Speaking about the partnership with the England football squad, the Medical Director of ECAL, Dr. Akbar de Medici said ‘We are delighted to be working with the England team during this tournament. We have estimated that at least one player in every competing country is using our socks and of course this is quite a coup for our company, but with England the entire squad was fitted with GC tech socks and we hope this gives our team the best possible chance to achieve peak performance, even during such a gruelling schedule of matches.’

Compression‐wear is seen more and more as a pivotal tool in recovery for athletes. With correctly fitted medical grade compression, post‐match stiffness and swelling is reduced, blood flow is improved to lower limbs and calves are better oxygenated. The socks are also used for travelling between matches, due to the effect that flying can have on the lower limbs.

ECAL is in the process of expanding into other markets as well as elite sports. The firm has a range of compression products which are breaking into maternity, travel, and other sectors.

Partnership Director Barrington Bent said ‘We make the clear distinction between off‐the‐shelf compression and medical grade compression. Because our products evolved from the world of medicine we know that the benefits are notably better and I think this is why we seem to be making such good in‐roads into several different markets. Our aim is to help educate retailers and public alike to the benefits of proper compression which can aid health and performance across many sectors, occupations and activities. We are working with all the players on the European Golf Tour, most Premiership football clubs and numerous other athletes both here and abroad. Being associated with the World Cup only strengthens the recognition our products are gaining and we look forward to some very busy years ahead’.

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