Hey Girls, Itís Time To Shape Up For Summer!

From: CNP Professional
Published: Mon Feb 01 2010

The winter months are notoriously bad for dieting and keeping in shape. The dark nights mean everyone tends to get less exercise and then slap bang in the middle of it all is Christmas with all its attendant excesses. Itís really not surprising that most women find they go into spring a bit heavier than theyíd like to be.
But with a good dietary programme, some exercise and a bit of will-power it is possible to shed those extra pounds and be in shape for the summer. CNP Professional, a leading supplier of sports nutrition products, has got together with Marina Cornwall, personal trainer and natural bodybuilder, to put together a Ďsummer shape stackí of supplements that not only will help women shift some weight but will boost general health and well-being at the same time.
"Iíve just come fifth in the womenís lightweight class of the Pro WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) held in New York," says Marina. "So I know about keeping my body in shape and keeping healthy. Using CNP products alongside an exercise regime and sensible diet ensures that you keep healthy while at the same time getting rid of that extra body fat."
Anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit can benefit from using CNP products. They are not just the preserve of bodybuilders and sports people. But, because they are designed with sports people in mind, they are made out of high quality ingredients to the very highest of standards. Itís comforting to know that you are using the same products as the likes of the Ericsson Round the World Yacht Team, premiership footballers, the British Cycling team, competition-level skiers, runners and other top class athletes.
To kick start weight loss into action, Marina advises using Pro Lean together with a good exercise plan. Pro Lean is a thermogenic, fat-burning agent that speeds up the metabolism and contains a powerful blend of active natural ingredients that can help reduce cravings and encourage a healthy eating pattern. Ingredients of Pro Lean include vitamin B, which is important for the nervous system, magnesium, which is great for healthy bones and teeth, Siberian Ginseng, to support the immune system, and green tea to aid in weight control and appetite reduction.
Also in the stack is Pro MS - a valuable meal replacement, which is low in fat and sugar. A single serving contains only 160 calories and 0.5gm of saturated fat. Having a sachet of Pro MS at lunchtime, instead of a sandwich and crisps, is an easy way to cut calories while its high protein content of 25gm (50 per cent of daily protein requirement for women) means it is very filling. Pro-MS acts as a 'body sculpting agent', burning off unwanted body fat while curbing cravings for sweet, 'high cal' snacks.
"I recommend Pro MS to all my clients who want to lose weight," says Marina. "Itís so convenient to use, being supplied in individual sachets that can be added to water and simply shaken up to mix. It includes the essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 necessary for everyday health, to aid the immune system, stimulate brain function and help prevent cardiovascular disease, and it's loaded with probiotics and prebiotics to promote efficient digestion.
"Itís well-know that people often get run down while dieting," she explains. "But Pro MS is packed full of vitamins to keep you fit and healthy. Itís no good losing weight and getting ill. You want to be at your best so you can enjoy your new found shape!"
The Womenís Summer Shape Stack is available from the CNP Professional website www.cnpprofessional.co.uk at a special introductory price of £66.18 for a 30 day supply; a saving of £25.73 over individual product prices. It works out to a mere £2.20 per day Ė less than the price of a high-cal, low nutritional value, sandwich and a packet of crisps or bar of chocolate from a garage. The stack includes two boxes of Pro MS and one tub of Pro Lean*. *(Pro Lean can be taken for five consecutive days with two days off each week)
To find out more about Marina Cornwall visit www.marina-cornwall.com
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