Keep On Running - Sun, Sand And Desert Marathons

From: CNP Professional
Published: Sat Feb 20 2010

Manchester fireman, Martin Cain has set himself a new challenge Ė the Marathon des Sable Ė a gruelling event in which participants run 151 miles (234km) across the Moroccan Sahara Desert in only 6 days. Billed as the toughest foot-race on earth, the equivalent to five and a half regular marathons, competitors also have to carry all their provisions on their back.
To make sure he gets to the finishing line Martin has turned to CNP Professional and its founder Kerry Kayes for advice. CNP is a leading supplier of high quality sports nutrition supplements: its low-temperature processed protein is the best on the market, used by athletes as varied as powerlifters, cyclists, footballers and skiers.
Dehydration is a major danger during the race. If any competitors become severely dehydrated and require two IV drips then they are withdrawn from the race. And to make matters that bit harder they have just 24 hours to complete a mid-race, punishing 50 mile section through the barren terrain.
"What Martin is doing on this marathon is pushing his body to its absolute limits, both physically and mentally," says Kerry Kayes. "Without adequate nutritional preparation during the training period his body just wonít stand up to the strain.
"For the race itself a hypotonic drink like our Pro Hydrate is absolutely essential to maintain his body's hydration balance. It gives the body energy as well as keeping it hydrated. In these extreme conditions Iíve advised him to use three scoops instead of the usual two. Heís also taking along our Pro Flapjack bars. These provide timed release energy and are high in protein. Martin plans to eat about four of them a day."
Martin is already an experienced marathon and triathlon competitor. In 2009 he competed in at least 18 events - ranging from the Blackpool Marathon in April, to the Lanzarote Ironman in May, through to the Rippon Olympic Tri in September.
"Endurance sports are notoriously bad for injuries," he says. "And I especially need to keep fit since I set my sights on the 2010 Marathon des Sable. Throughout the last season I took supplements like CNPís Pro Vital, Pro Omega, Pro MR, and Pro Recover regularly. They don't just keep me healthy, they also give my body valuable proteins for repair. So although 2009 was my busiest season, it was the first time Iíve been injury-free for years."
As soon as the 2009 race season was finished Martin started training for the desert marathon. He has now built up to running about 80 miles a week. He also practices with the pack on his back. Even with paring down the basics he will still have a start weight of about 14kg to carry through the desert heat.
"Iíve planned to do a desert marathon for a long time," says Martin. "But I wanted to be able to finance the race myself, so all the money I raise can go to The Fire Fighters Charity. I was lucky that CNP Professional have helped meet the cost as well as supplying supplements to keep me going.
"One problem is I canít train for the heat," he adds. "The Lanzarote Ironman was a taster of whatís to come. Iím physically strong now and ready to cope with the inevitable blisters, loss of toenails and baking sun. Iím absolutely determined to make it to the finish line."
And, what after the Marathon des Sable?
"A rest," says Martin. "Then Iíd really like to swim The Channel!"
Martin Cainís Just Giving Page can be found at . For more information about The Fire Fighters Charity visit .
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