Le Mans: how sports nutrition can improve the car's performance

Motorsport team Strakka Racing gets help from CNP sports supplements to deliver the perfect lap at Le Mans.

[UKPRwire, Thu Jun 04 2009] Le Mans – probably one of the most romantic and iconic names in motorsport. The roaring engines, daring drivers, the beautiful scenery, the car cabins dripping with sweat... The truth is, endurance motorsport puts incredible stresses on the drivers. Physical fitness is a must and increasingly motorsports athletes are looking to their diet to improve the performance of their cars.

Endurance motorsport team Strakka Racing, based at Silverstone, is now working with sports nutrition company CNP Professional. The aim is to ensure the drivers' diets are formulated to deliver the concentration, coordination, stamina and energy they need to drive the perfect lap –time after time – during Europe's highest level sports car championship, the Le Mans Series. Getting the very best out of the drivers is especially important since this is Strakka's debut in the top echelon of prototype sportscar racing.

"F1 drivers have to focus for no more than two hours – we have to do it for 24 hours!" says Nick Leventis, Strakka Racing driver. "In endurance motorsport, fitness is not just a potential source of advantage, it can be the key to success."

Strakka's drivers sometimes have to endure cockpit temperatures of 50 or 60 degrees C. In these conditions drivers can lose two litres of fluid in two hours – sweat splatters the inside of their helmet visor as they brake. The G-forces add to the load on the body: this year the team is using Ginetta-Zytek GZ09S cars that will generate up to 4G lateral load in corners – get a switchback like the left-right-left at Silverstone and you're looking at an 8G transfer.

"Typically the members of the team will each drive for two hours at a time," says Peter Hardman, driver and Team Principal. "But they need to be ready to drive again after a two hour break.

"We now use CNP products to assist the drivers during their racing preparation and for recovery."

For the drivers, the key areas to focus on are fitness, energy, rehydration and recovery. "Strakka's combination of supplements is designed to support the body in all these areas," says Kerry Kayes, CNP's sports nutrition expert. "For example, Pro-Napalm's electrolytes maintain hydration and the product has caffeine and guarana for alertness. The Pro Slams include beta alanine and help with muscular endurance before and during a race."

One of the big benefits of CNP products is that, as well as doing you good, they are easy to digest. Nick Leventis, 29, is Strakka's youngest driver. "I use a range of CNP products. I've tried various brands and find CNP's are the most effective and the best fit with my requirements. Plus they taste great."

Fellow driver Hardman is 46. "Diet and fitness are very important for professional drivers and CNP products actually help and enhance performance, before and after training sessions and while competing. I find Pro-Recover is especially useful." CNPs' Pro-Recover is a post-workout drink that both aids muscle repair and helps limit muscle damage caused by intense exercise.

In the opening round of the 2009 Le Mans Series at the Barcelona Grand Prix circuit in Spain Strakka qualified on the outright pole position and finished a strong fifth – an impressive display given that this was the team's debut race at this level. "We have all noticed a real improvement in alertness, endurance and recovery since trying the CNP supplements," says Peter Hardman.

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