Leotards Could they be back in Fashion?

From: Dancing & Co Ltd
Published: Mon Aug 30 2010

To many, the humble leotard might not seem like the height on fashion, but with an increasing number of today's celebrities and big names sporting the all-in-one garment, it seems like they might just be about to make a comeback.

They have always been useful, yes, being a staple item of clothing for ballet dancers and figure skaters for example. Both men and women wear them for yoga, running and other cardiovascular exercises they have great benefits for both casual and professional athletes. In fact the leotard was made by a famous Frenchman whose name was given to the clothing item after his death. He was a circus performer and designed the garment in order to meet the needs of his fellow performers.

However they have never been particularly fashionable or elitist forms of clothing. Leotards are in fact very inexpensive and anyone can purchase one. But it seems they are most definitely gracing high profile performers at the moment both on stage and screen, and they are now as popular as they have ever been.

Famous faces to have recently 'rocked' the leotard in recent months are music stars such as Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry. And don't forget Madonna gracing our screens in a rather revealing leotard in her 'Hung-Up' video. Kate Bush was in fact one of the first celebrities to take the leotard and label it as a fashion must-have when she took it from the ballet studio to our television screens in the early 80s, making it a fashion statement almost overnight.

These celebrity affiliations with the leotard have brought about a sudden boom in sales of the item in popular high-street clothing shops as well as dance clothing stores. The garment has been revamped and is now not only a useful and staple item for dancers, but is a prominent fashion item again. You might well be interested in investing in the now popular leotard and a simple search on the World Wide Web (WWW) will bring up a wide variety of different choices from which you can choose. It might be wise to try your chosen leotard on in store as it is important that they fit well but you might well find that many websites are offering special deals in anticipation of the their new seasons selection.

Some online stores offer up to 50% off on certain items. There is a huge selection of leotards on the market. Choose from camisole, cap sleeved, short-sleeved and long-sleeved by popular designers such as Plume, Bloch and Capezio. Popular high-street retailers flogging the items by the van-load are stores such as so get yourself down to the shops and get buying!

So there you go, leotards are the new must-have item to have in your wardrobe and have successfully shaken off the "uncool" stigma attached to them, primarily with help from today's celebrities who just can't seem to get enough of the all-in-one piece. Singers, dancers, actors and other physical artists all appreciate the practical nature of this revolutionary garment.

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