Models Directís Assignments with Repeat Client The National Sporting Club

From: Models Direct
Published: Wed Feb 24 2010

Back in November, a number of models were chosen to help at a hospitality event with the National Sporting Club. This month, nine models were selected by the company again to work at a similar event coinciding with the England vs. Wales Six Nations rugby match.

The female promotional models were meeting and greeting guests, showing them to their tables, showing off auction items and generally making sure everyone had a good time.

Although it doesnít sound like the type of modelling assignment that many would expect, promotional modelling can be great fun. That was the general opinion of the girls that worked at the event.

"I enjoyed the job, it was a good experience," model Emma informed Models Direct. "Iíve done that kind of work before so I knew what to do and expect. The best part of the job was meeting all the people and keeping them happy and making sure they had a good day. All in all I had a good day and the people who were running the event were really nice and helpful."

"This was my first job from Models Direct," model Diana agreed. "The job was very easy and nice. Me and seven other girls worked as hostesses. We had to meet customers, smile and be honest. It was a great experience for me. I hope to get a similar job again."

Model Ingrid has carried out two assignments for the National Sporting Club; she had this to say. "We were asked to take the clientsí coats and show them to their table and then be a smiley and polite hostess. It was a good day."

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