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Published: Fri Feb 05 2010

Ross Pearson, winner of ‘The Ultimate Fighter season 9’ has chosen Myprotein as his official nutrition supplier and joined the growing number of elite athletes with Team MP. The match will pair the UK’s leading online manufacturer and supplier of sports nutrition with the hottest UFC prospect this side of the Atlantic.

Following another great addition to Team MP, Mark Coxhead, head of marketing at Myprotein, said: "Ross’s success has been meteoric and his recent win at UFC 105 in front of a home crowd demonstrated his ambitions as a serious title contender. We are committed to investing all our nutritional knowledge and expertise in helping Ross realise his ambitions and make the most of his unbelievable talent"

Originally from Sunderland, Ross has been living out his dreams since winning a place on The Ultimate Fighter. The former bricklayer and slaughter house worker is now setting the UFC alight with his typically tough, uncompromising fighting style and venomous left hook.

In his quest to become a title contender Ross’s dedication to training has reached new limits. From tyre throwing for power to advanced Brazilian Ju Jitsu with Florida’s Gracie Barra team, his schedule is as varied as it is punishing.

"I love being a full time fighter and fighting in the UFC is pushing my body harder than ever before," said Pearson.

He added, "Without the correct nutrition my whole game would suffer, however, after being introduced to Myprotein products I can rest assured that I’m getting the best nutrition available. I use eleven different Myprotein products to assist with everything from recovery and muscle growth to a good night’s sleep and a strong immune system. The Impact Whey tastes great, which is important to me as my protein intake is very high so I’m drinking it throughout the day."

With Myprotein Ross is able to take advantage of a huge selection of products allowing him to tailor a personal nutrition plan and achieve his goal of becoming the UFC lightweight champion*.

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Myprotein is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of sports nutrition. For further information call PR manager Neil Kirwan on 0161 947 2777/07800 982 281 or email

Notes to editor:

Founded in 2004 by managing director Oliver Cookson, is Europe’s leading UK based online manufacturer and supplier of sports nutrition & health products. produces products in-house and sells direct on the internet to the end user. Buying in bulk, manufacturing in-house and selling direct to the consumer, allows Myprotein to deliver a high quality range of sports and health supplements for its customers at the lowest prices available.

*Ross Pearson’s Fight Stack

Total Protein XS
Utilising the absorption rates of 3 different protein sources (40% Milk Protein Concentrate, 30% Whey Protein Concentrate and 30% Egg Albumen) ensures a tapered release of amino acids into the muscle. This tapered release results in a greater protein uptake whilst also encouraging muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown.

The highly assimilated Glutamine Peptides will enhance muscular recovery and growth by drawing water and nutrients into the muscle and promoting glycogen synthesis..

Impact Whey Protein
Our Impact Whey Protein™ provides over 82g of protein per 100g (dry basis), is low in fat and lactose and rich in calcium. This protein is an excellent source of essential amino acids and contains one of the highest proportions of branched chain amino acids found in natural protein.

Alpha Men
This powerful multivitamin uses premium ingredients, including ‘chelated’ vitamins and minerals to increase bio-availability. This results in the optimum absorption of the vitamins and minerals making Alpha Men one of the most potent multivitamin supplements on the market.

ZMA® is a synergistic combination of Zinc and Magnesium designed to maximize absorption and promote recovery from exercise. Zinc plays a central role in the regulation of cellular growth and tissue repair, as well as the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Magnesium is essential fo the maintenance of electrolyte balance, energy production and normal neuro-muscular function. Because physical activity can increase the need for these two minerals, ZMA® is the ideal supplement to aid in their replenishmen

HMB has been proven to slow down the breakdown of muscle protein as well as promote muscle gain, which means that it has both anti-catabolic and anabolic qualities.

BCAA's are not like other amino acids they are not metabolised in the stomach, and are instead metabolised directly in the muscle. This unique quality means that they are very anabolic (they build muscle) and very anti-catabolic (they stop muscle breakdown).

Tribulus Pro
Tribulus Terrestris has been used for centuries in ancient Greece, India and Africa to increase fertility and rejuvenate the body. It wasn't until the mid-eighties however, when a team of Bulgarian researchers determined that it may elevate testosterone production by increasing the blood levels of LH (luteinizing hormone) - a testosterone balancing hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

Glucosamine HCL
Glucosamine is a naturally occurring nutrient which has been shown to support the maintenance of healthy joints. The power of Glucosamine is particularly important for those who are physically active and exercise on a regular basis as they are more prone to premature degeneration of joints through repetitive movements and exercise.

Omega 3,6,9
The body can not make Omega 3 or Omega 6 (so they are classed as essential) so it's important to include them in your diet though food or supplementation.
The Omega 6 fatty acid contains GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which is a very important acid to support our immune system and has other excellent benefits. The Omega 9 fatty acid is created by the body, but in very small quantities. Additional supplementation is beneficial as oleic acid has shown to prevent the hardening of the body's blood vessels.
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