Oso Athletic Mouthguard

New perfomance enhancing Mouthguard - set to cause a revolution in sports training and performance

[UKPRwire, Mon Mar 26 2007] Top Neuro Muscular dentist, Dr Justin Glaister, (a graduate from the prestigious New York Aesthetic Advantage Group and a graduate of the renowned Las Vegas Institute of Neuro Muscular and Cosmetic Dentistry), launches a revolutionary new mouthguard, the Oso Athletic Mouthguard, to the UK. This is set to make an outstanding difference to sports performance for both elite athletes and sports enthusiasts in general, as a wholly natural performance enhancer.

The Oso Athletic Mouthguard takes the concept of Neuro Muscular Dentistry and applies the same principles to dramatically improved sporting performance.
For 90% of the population, the lower jaw is not in the optimal position, which causes the facial muscles to function incorrectly and mis-alignment throughout the body.

By balancing the musculature of the head, neck and jaw, the Oso Athletic Mouthguard allows the wearer improved muscle recruitment throughout the whole body which leads to increased balance, strength and power. If worn during training, the wearer will train with improved posture, with the additional benefit of minimising the risk of injuries occurring, and, speeding up recovery from existing injuries.

There are three types of Oso Athletic Mouthguard, of varying thickness and material, and worn on the upper teeth for contact sports, and lower (and totally invisible) for non contact sports.

Set to cause a revolution in the sports arena across many different disciplines, premiership football clubs, boxers, rugby players, runners, jockeys and golfers are already using the Oso Athletic Mouthguard to give them the competitive edge. Every guard is bespoke made to the individual and will dramatically boost performance whether for an Olympic athlete, or those simply wanting to maximise results in the gym.

The Oso Athletic Mouthguard costs from 1100 including a bespoke fitting.
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