Paul Kelly Proves He Is A Good, Strong Lightweight At UFC99

CNP Professional sports supplements get Paul Kelly to his ideal fighting weight.

[UKPRwire, Tue Jun 23 2009] Paul Kelly won his lightweight debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 99 at the Lanxess Arena, Germany on Saturday June 13th outpointing American Roli Delgado unanimously over three punishing and hard-fought rounds. Kelly needed to draw on all his strength and stamina to win through.

"This was my first fight at this weight," says Kelly. "I'm a natural big lightweight and it felt really good to be fighting at the top of the division."

Although the fight got off to a slow start Kelly took down Delgado in the second and tried to score with a guillotine choke. But Delgado broke free and Kelly showed a lot of resilience, landing some hard strikes before the bell. By the third round Delgado was tiring and Kelly stepped up his attack to win through.

"I think I just had more strength and stamina than Delgado when it came down to it," says Kelly. "I'm sure all the protein supplements I'd been taking during training helped keep me going."

In shifting down from welterweight to lightweight Kelly has had to lose 30lbs without compromising his strength and endurance. To do this he turned to Kerry Kayes, former UK champion bodybuilder and founder of CNP Professional, the company specialising in sports nutrition supplements. Kelly trains at Wolfslair, Widnes, where recently Kayes has been giving advice on training and nutrition to all the fighters, including the legendary Rampage Jackson.

"I've looked at what these lads need to get the best out of their bodies when it comes to the gruelling regime of mixed martial arts," says Kayes. "By taking our protein supplements they can maintain muscle mass and hence strength without gaining body fat and we're noticing a real improvement in their fitness and recovery times since they started taking supplements.

"With Paul I needed to work out a regime on which he could lose a lot of weight but keep up his strength. It's difficult to get the balance just right."

"Kerry understood exactly what I needed to do," explains Kelly. "He took charge of my diet, recommended a variety of protein supplements and explained to the nutritional value of everything I was taking. I couldn't possibly have done it without him. I was living in the gym in the run up to the fight so didn't have any time to sort out my own diet."

Kelly's total calorific intake was about 2,610 and he reckons he was burning off about 1,500 of those during training, resulting in the 30lb weight loss with no loss of strength.

"It wasn't as simple as just losing weight," says Kelly. "I had to lose body fat while at the same time building up my muscle strength and stamina. It was really hard work but in the end I felt better. Using the CNP supplements I didn't get so fatigued and I recovered from sparring quicker and didn't pick up any injuries."

Just before fighting Kelly drinks a Pro Slam to give him a boost and get the adrenaline pumping. If he feels like snacking he can have a Pro MR, a high protein meal replacement, that fills him up without piling on the calories and helps curb any cravings for junk food.

"I'm fitter now than I've ever been," says Kelly. "And now I know I can fight at this weight, I'm ready to really explode in my next fight so my next opponent better watch out!"

CNP Professional is one of the UK's leading sports nutrition specialist companies. For more information visit, or call +44 (0) 161 320 1212 for sports nutrition advice and +44 (0) 161 320 8145 for sales.

Paul Kelly Stats:
Born: 1986
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight: 155lb
Record: 9-1-0

CNP Supplements used by Paul Kelly:
Pro Recover a blend of high glycemic (fast-acting carbohydrates) and fast-acting proteins providing a high concentration of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Taken immediately after training to restore energy and aid recovery.
Pro Slam ready to drink 86ml vial that delivers 27 grams of protein, zero carbohydrates and zero fats in a pre-workout formulation designed to delay the onset of muscle fatigue. Taken immediately before training to increase endurance.
Pro Vital high strength multi vitamin and mineral formula with anti oxidants.
Pro MR a high protein, low fat meal replacement formula combining fast and slow proteins for optimum anabolic (muscle growth) and anti-catabolic (muscle sparing) effect. Probiotic organisms help maintain and promote a healthier digestive system. Glutamine in its more bio-available peptide bonded form rounds off the ideal protein formula. Complex carbohydrates and a balanced vitamin and mineral profile ensure a healthy and effective approach to dietary adjustment.
Pro Tect - a blend of collagen and glucosamine, which has been scientifically proven to assist in the formation of connective tissue (joints, tendons, ligaments).

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