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Published: Tue Jan 09 2018

Football is considered as a hereditary game that is played in different generations. This game is played as professional league and big tournaments. But itís not about playing the game at high level only and need attention at local level also. Player who play international level needs to develop their skills and game from local level. This local level game is the base of at the high level tournaments.

With the effective efforts of sports federation and FIFA this game got lot of popularity government and authorities realized that this game should be given a proper exposure and should be played at national and international level both. To achieve this aim Grassroots football India was introduced. This format follows the age group criteria to make the teams. The teams are build on the base of age of players. These teams consist of players from age six to eight/nine and ten/ eleven and twelve.
Gameís world governing body FIFA is also a huge supporter of Grassroots football India. They help the players to get trained and improve their game and skills. It was first introduced in Europe, and now this have became the super popular game format with a number of players, sponsors, coaches and supporters. This allows separate tournaments for boys and girls. There are many international players who came up from local level Grassroots football India.
They provide Grassroots football training to the players according to their age. Children are not used to play at high level. They need proper training session that should include warming up and cooling down sessions, body stretching exercises and many other activities. But this should not go beyond the limit. Children love to play and they learn by playing the game. They enjoy the game and become a football game lover.
FIFA also support this game by providing them a equipment kit. This kit should be used only when the child is ready and the coach can handle the situation according to his experience and knowledge. Grassroots football India consists of child and younger players so they always keep informing the parents that what kind of exercise and sessions are going on. The main objective of these training sessions in Grassroots football training is to make sure that the children enjoy the games and exercises.
Through these sessions they get to know that are the children really capable of playing games and exercises or they still need to work on their stamina. They also take suggestions from children as well to improve the training sessions. How long the session would be this depends on the age group of the team. Younger player needs to develop more skills but they need more attention while the training sessions because they do not have idea about the technicality of training and should follow proper attention.
Grassroots football training provides the basic knowledge and develops different sportsman abilities in the player so that he/she can develop themselves to become an international player in future.
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