Sky Pro Cycling Chooses Innovative Nutritional Partner

From: CNP Professional
Published: Tue Jan 19 2010

Team Sky has chosen CNP Professional, the Manchester-based sports nutrition company best known for its protein supplements, as its official nutritional partner. CNP will not only be providing a cycling-specific selection of supplements, but will also develop new, cycling-orientated, performance-boosting products.

"It's true that CNP come from a power sports background V but they have increasing expertise in endurance sports, too," says Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at Team Sky. "The thing we liked about them was that they're really, really focussed on quality and innovation. That attitude is vital when you need every last ounce of performance out of the team. Getting the right sports nutrition will give us an edge."

Team Sky's winning start V including a one-two in their very first race, the pre-Tour Down Under Cancer Council event in Adelaide V underlines the value of an approach that is both competitive and innovative.

The Sky Pro Cycling riders have already started to use the CNP supplements and Nigel Mitchell has been amazed by the reaction. "Normally when you make a change like this there are plenty of moans but no one's complained!" he says. We've been amazed at how well the products have transferred into cycling. For example, several riders have said that Pro Flapjack is the best energy bar they've ever had. The Pro XS bar is really popular, too."

The quality of the CNP products is reflected in their use of undenatured protein, says Mitchell, in products like Pro MR, a high-protein shake. CNPs undenatured protein (see editors' notes) is costly to produce but is better for tissue repair than the denatured alternatives commonly used in supplements.

"We're looking at all the CNP products to see what will fit with our regime," adds Mitchell. "One I'm looking forward to using is their multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, Pro Vital. What I like about it is that they haven't gone overboard with the vitamins, they've kept it really well-balanced, so it's right for the athlete's body."

CNP Professional is one of the UK's leading sports nutrition specialist companies. For more information visit, or call +44 (0) 161 320 1212 for sports nutrition advice and +44 (0) 161 320 8145 for sales.

Notes for editors
Protein shakes are traditionally associated with power sports such as bodybuilding and boxing. But there's growing evidence that they boost performance for all athletes, especially in endurance sports such as cycling. The point being that good quality protein supplements help protect, rebuild and repair muscles quickly during and after intensive, traumatic exercise. Not only does this protect the muscles from long-term injury, it also means the athlete recovers more quickly, can train harder and thus improve performance.

Pro XS V High protein chewy crisp bar with fast and slow release proteins.
Pro Flapjack V High protein bar with complex carbohydrates.
Pro Energy V Time-release carbohydrate bar, made of fruit and grains, low fat.

Pro MR V High protein (fast and slow release), low fat, balanced meal replacement shake for muscle growth and muscle protection. Includes probiotic organisms, glutamine, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Pro MS V High protein meal replacement shake formulated specifically for women. For example, contains Soy protein isolate, which has specific health benefits to women.
Pro Recover V Blend of fast acting carbohydrates, fast acting proteins and antioxidants. Post workout shake that aids muscle repair and growth and limits muscle damage.
Pro Peptide V Advanced protein supplement that is low in fat and lactose. Blend of bioactive fast and slow proteins, probiotic organisms and peptide-bonded glutamine.

Pro Vital V Antioxidants plus balanced ratios of vitamins, for optimal health and improved recovery, and 'bio-available' (easily absorbed) minerals. Each daily portion consists of two tablets and one capsule.
Pro Slam V Ready to drink 86ml vial that delivers 27 grams of protein with CarnoSyn beta-Alanine, zero carbohydrates and zero fats. Can be drunk in less than 5 seconds

The proteins used in products including Pro MR and Pro Peptide are manufactured directly from skimmed milk using a low-temperature processing method (below 64aC). This preserves the bioactivity of the proteins so that they can stimulate a cascade of anabolic processes within the body that lead to muscle growth, tissue repair and fat burning.

Other manufacturers use higher temperature techniques (about 72aC) to make to make their proteins and use proteins that are the by-product from cheese manufacturing as the starting point. These proteins have been damaged, or denatured, by heat and acid during their manufacturing process so they are not so easily absorbed and used by the body.

CNPs low-temperature techniques are a slower manufacturing process and hence increase the cost of production. But CNP believes that it is worth the extra effort because this produces the best protein possible. CNPs proteins have not undergone denaturation and have significantly superior bioactive properties compared to other protein supplements.

CNP PROFESSIONAL is a leading supplier of sports nutrition supplements including protein shakes, protein bars, creatine supplements, meal replacements, mass gainers, weight loss supplements and post work out shakes, all designed for the ultimate in sports nutrition. Kerry Kayes, the founder of CNP Professional, is a former national bodybuilding champion. He has been involved in sports nutrition for many years and his dietary expertise has established him as 'the man in the know' to a wide variety of sportspeople worldwide such as the Ericsson Round the World Yacht Team, boxer Ricky Hatton, darts champion Phil 'The Power' Taylor, international strongman Glen Ross and Sean Long of Hull FC.

CNP Professional supplements are carefully formulated to ensure that the body is able to make best use of the nutrients. Unlike many nutritional supplements, CNP Professional's products are easy to drink. There are several articles explaining protein nutrition supplements on the CNP website - go to the home page and click on 'nutrition' under the articles section.
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