A platform launched by IT Hubs Global to access UK Markets without hassles

From: IT Hubs Global
Published: Sat Jul 28 2018

IT Hubs Global, an IT solutions provider aggregator platform, forms the foundation for advertising a range of value-added solutions from Indian companies for UK businesses.

The platform is an initiative of ID Design Ltd, which is playing a major role in IT sector from past 2 decades. Located in Bristol, UK, it has been successful in delivering on thousands of projects to their clients. ID Design Ltd comes with a repertoire of distinguished and discerning clients from across various industries and business backgrounds thus contributing to its rapid success.

IT Hubs Global decided to take this growth further by establishing a platform that successfully bridges the gap and creates a hassle-free portal to connect Indian IT companies with UK businesses.

Speaking about the platform, Steve Jarman, Managing Director of ID Design Ltd, UK, said, "IT Hubs Global aims to be a solid IT solutions provider platform that allows Indian companies to easily place themselves on the international stage and trade more readily and directly with UK businesses that are constantly seeking cost-effective IT solutions."
The main focus of IT Hubs Global is on the Indian with a believe that the country offers significant opportunities for UK businesses to find value-added IT solutions that are on par with international standards.

According to SachinDiwakar, Senior IT Director of ID Design Ltd, UK, "Indian IT skills are continuously growing and are in demand worldwide. They offer high-quality services at competitive prices. However, finding the right company partner is not easy. This is where IT Hubs Global comes in. IT Hubs Global provides a verified medium for both buyer and seller to conduct business on their own terms."

IT Hubs Global does not take commissions from either side thus making sure that the selection process is devoid of any favoritism. The platform ensures that it maintains the quality status of listed IT partners by including brief and comprehensive processes of evaluation before listing a company or business on the platform. This means that only companies with a verifiedstatus are allowed to gain direct access to the UK market, removing the risk of working with freelancers.

If you are an IT company that is looking to spread its wings in the UK market then this is your verified one-stop destination to access the market directly and showcase your potential without any hiccups. To learn more about this path-breaking platform go to https://www.ithubsglobal.com. You can also contact them on +44 117 377 1500 or drop them an e-mail: dir@ithubsglobal.com

About IT Hubs Global

IT Hubs Global in an initiative of ID Design Ltd UK. We are creating this platform to enable all Indian IT Companies to showcase their skills with a portfolio so that the UK businesses can select the right partner for their IT requirements.

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