BELLCAM Construction Jobsite Real-time Video Surveillance Camera System now available

Published: Mon Apr 13 2015

BELLCAM announces that its affordable construction jobsite real time video surveillance camera system is now available with an integrated wireless router, making it possible for builders and developers to watch live video from their job sites in any other location.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau ( "builders and developers must exercise diligence in protecting their investments. Failure to do so increases the risk of theft and further adds to the annual cost of equipment theft, currently estimated to range from $300 million to over $1 billion. With a recovery rate of less than 20%, the odds of recovering your equipment are not in your favor."

BELLCAM's video camera surveillance system is used by contractors, builders and developers to protect their materials and monitor their subs and employees without actually having to be at the jobsite. They can check to make sure their subs are on the job when they are supposed to be, validate worker's comp claims (which cost a ton of money in the long run) monitor materials being delivered, and receive notifications on the smart phone app when the motion sensor is activated, letting the builder know that something is happening at the jobsite.

Unlike existing systems which use time-lapsed photos and expensive cellular data (that incurs monthly fees) BELLCAM has easy installation and an affordable one-time cost. All construction companies should be protecting their jobsites with video surveillance. The portable system can be easily moved from jobsite to jobsite. BELLCAM's system allows for 24/7 monitoring of all jobsites, giving the builder full control over all aspects of the work being done.

Designed with an all-weather control box that holds the DVR System and the wireless router, the BELLCAM construction camera system can monitor your jobsite day or night using night-vision, up to 100 feet away from the camera installation. The free smartphone app allows the builder to check in at any time to see what is going on at the jobsite. The builder's office can also monitor the jobsite from their computers.

The system allows project managers or superintendents to use the system as a wi-fi hotspot at the jobsite, enabling them to enter information on their laptops without the use of a slow aircard. Video recordings can be emailed or texted through the internet to save time with questions being answered on the spot.

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