Convergence to Convenience: How Digital Dentistry is bringing the disruption in Dental Care

From: Vatech India
Published: Thu Dec 14 2017

Any new technology which replaces an established technology is coined as an innovative technology. Digital innovations are time-to-time required to burst the existing tech bubble. The combination of physical and digital spheres are aimed to provide more comfort to people living in this perpetually changing world.

The era in which we are living, technology is relentlessly pushing us to new extents. With the emergence of e-treatments, diagnostics, and wearable sensors, technology is hugely dominating the healthcare industry. From the diverse medical pool, dentistry has witnessed a massive shift in its treatment practices.

Technological innovations are at the heart of improving the way in which dentists are treating their patients. New generation dentists are leading the industry. Although slowly, but smartly navigating through a highly regulated field that deals with massive amounts of sensitive information.

Remembering the childhood days, the biggest nightmare was to visit a dentist. The sheer thought of long, edgy and scary devices used to give goosebumps. But today when the entire globe has transformed into a ‘’Digital Village’’, digital dental practices have also become the new normal. Through high-tech and easy-to-implement solutions, dentists are making the entire process smoother for their patients which was earlier time-taking and tiresome. So now the question is, are people open to these digital dentistry practices?

Resistance to change is not always irrational, sometimes it involves patients’ fear to adopt new innovations. The same holds true in dentistry as patients occasionally freak out to get digital treatment and often seek physical treatments. But, with professional dentists in the job and an exciting amount of technological growth in the sector, patients are gradually taking up the digital practices. To make patients more comfortable with digital practices new-age dentists are using visual aids to explain details of proposed treatment plans and show patients possible end results.

With increasing number of cases, the radical shift (digital shift) in dental care is imperative. Technology is not only helping doctors but patients as well. Now dentists keep their patient’s medical history in a digital version, treatment time has been reduced significantly, patients don’t have to carry their medical reports every time they visit dental clinics etc.

From fabricating artificial teeth to replacing damaged teeth, digital dentistry is bringing change in almost each and everything that dentists do. With changing times and digital innovations constantly taking place in the sector, dental practices have been simplified up to a large amount.

Today, the market is flooded with so many brands offering digital devices to simplify dentists’ lives. Brands like Vatech India, one of the fastest growing brands in the Indian digital dental space is providing all the latest technology solutions to dentists. Vatech today is the most loved and preferred brand in Digital Imaging Space, specially for Intra Oral Sensors, Portable X-Ray Units, OPG Units & CBCT Units.

Digital is the future and new technological progressions are definitely disrupting the prevalent dental practices in the sector. Thanks to the disruptive innovations, the dental industry has positively evolved and has become more proficient. The aforesaid advancements will certainly bring a huge change in how dentistry will be practiced and how patients will start taking care of their Oral Health, themselves in the future.
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