Correlata has launched a new website, that deals in the domain of datacenter operation efficiency.

From: Correlata Solution Ltd
Published: Tue May 26 2015

The new website combines a comprehensive information of Correlata's new concept and a directory of blogs and more information about the new concept. The site will be of tremendous value to C levels and IT executives showing them how they can maximize their management and operational capabilities and reduce the number of IT operational risks—in a single click.

Mid to large business are looking for that kind of solutions. "With Correlata many business owners and IT leaders will now be able to secure their business continuity while reducing the operational costs independently." said Ofer Laksman

Correlata developed the first collaborative, proactive analytics, IT operations solution that analyzes the relationship between daily systems operations and business applications, allowing businesses to gain new insights into the daily wellbeing of their IT systems, maximize IT operation efficiency, save money on operations and energy and prevent risks of business failure.

Correlata deals with the familiar deep skeletal pain that all medium and large enterprises face, and provides key information, in a language that you can understand!.

The company’s mission is to create and expand a quiet revolution in the world of business IT, based on transparency and efficiency, for the benefit of businesses worldwide.

The company’s web site at contains additional information.

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