Data warehousing - do you need a detailed user requirements phase?

From: TAH
Published: Fri Feb 12 2010

TAH, a niche Business Intelligence Consultancy, recently invited business leaders to their series of Business Intelligence Round Tables. These Round Tables have become a focus for many business practitioners where they can meet their peers and identify common issues and trends affecting Business Intelligence.

The Round Table was represented by nine large organisations. The topic for the day challenged the conventional norm of starting a BI project with user requirements before progressing towards a design and build phase. Research and experience is suggesting to TAH that there is a more pragmatic approach which initiates the warehousing project with a short ‘Landscape’ exercise to set the direction, appetite and objectives for the business. This is followed by a detailed data-driven analysis which has proved very effective at driving the business to more informed and better participation in these types of project. "Without being able to see and touch their own data, customer’s interest in a data warehousing project is very limited and their engagement patchy", said Philip Louis, CEO TAH. Participants debated and drew conclusions from their own experience and further approaches are being developed to present solutions at the next event scheduled on 18th March, 2010.

These Round Tables attract decision makers who have responsibility for the direction, implementation and oversight of the BI platforms within the business. The focus of these BI events is discussion and debate of the range of people’s experiences and sharing practical solutions in a structured and facilitated manner.

The forthcoming event will be facilitated by the CEO of TAH, Philip Louis.

For additional information please visit or email for samples of past discussions or to register your interest.

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