DecisionPoint™ For Excel lets you share dashboards via Dropbox

From: Antivia
Published: Thu May 07 2015

Business intelligence software company Antivia has announced that the latest version of its DecisionPoint™ For Excel dashboard software, released over the festive season, allows organizations to securely share, sync and view dashboards on any mobile device or desktop computer by using a Dropbox account.

By connecting DecisionPoint™ For Excel to Dropbox, dashboard designers are able to share their dashboards using a tool they already know, like and trust. When used with a Dropbox Professional or Dropbox for Business account Dropbox's in-built security controls ensure that only authorized people are able to view dashboards keeping sensitive data secure and protected at all times.

Additionally, Dropbox for Business customers gain access to enterprise features including comprehensive audit logs that track which dashboards are being shared and who is viewing them.

Mark Hudson, CEO of Antivia, said: "After talking to our customers it became clear that many of them already share work-related documents and information through Dropbox, and that they are very comfortable doing this. So for us it was a logical step to support the sharing of DecisionPoint™ For Excel dashboards through Dropbox, too. This way our customers are able to use Dropbox as a single place to share all of their business information and documents."

DecisionPoint for Excel, is a rapid dashboard creation tool for small and medium enterprises and business departments. It lets non-programmers turn their Excel data into beautiful dashboards that can be shared with anyone on a web browser, tablet or smart phone.

A short video showing the DecisionPoint™ For Excel and Dropbox integration can be viewed here -

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