Efron Consulting and LogTrust Partner on BigData Analytics

From: Efron Group
Published: Wed Jul 29 2015

Efron Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce its new strategic alignment with LogTrust S.L. Effective as of July 20th, Efron has become a Value Added Reseller of the LogTrust platform. The platform is a unique analytics and visualization tool. The uniqueness is embodied in its ability to automatically and quickly recognize voluminous amounts of data within large systems. The platform saves users a significant amount of time to analyze patterns in large complex systems. It also provides an industry leading level of security and authentication along with its high performance capabilities. Efron sees this offering as a real value to its clients. In the age of big data and complex systems this platform seamlessly provides immediate actionable results to the users. The silver bullet is its ability to automatically recognize and correlate systems and applications data and to produce extremely effective real-time results. Coupled with its Consulting Services, Efron provides an I/T stack of offerings through a number of strategic relationships. This particular relationship and offering fulfills that data management category of the stack. Efron foresees significant utilization of the LogTrust platform by its clients.

Logtrust democratizes security and builds a reliable Cloud with its own Big Data solution that allows companies of any size to achieve advanced levels of security, correlation and analysis of real-time data in order to understand the behavior of its users, customers, systems and business. Logtrust has taken the best of the cloud in terms of price and scalability to provide a solution that allows you to safely carry your logs to and from the cloud, without limitations regarding data sources, storage space, or geographic location.

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