Enterprise Productivity Suite for Cloud for iPhone and iPad

From: CloudFish LLC
Published: Sat Jan 14 2017

Enterprise Productivity Suite for Cloud, amazing app has been created, by the developer of iOS applications, CloudFish LLC for the users who don’t want to lose their important data. This app is available for both iPhone and iPad. You can use any data storing app without any fear or harm. Your data is secured by Cloud Fish.

The Cloud Fish users will be able to save and secure their personal data, which is stored and shared the cloud data storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive. It is an app in which user can save his/her data without having a fear that his/her data will be leaked or be accessed by the third person. Cloud Fish provides full security to its users. Cloud Fish is an application on which you can fully trust. It prevents data loss also it is flexible.

Nowadays, we can observe the increasing number of companies, software houses and offices. Cloud Fish not only provides protection to individual but it may also be useful for different companies as well. These companies need to store their data under a complete protective layer and Cloud Fish can be that protective layer for them.

How Does It secure our Data :

It produces an invisible protection layer between your enterprise and the cloud

It encrypts the data before storing the data and decrypts the data when you read it from the cloud server.

Create & Edit Documents In Open Standard HTML Format :

Not only securing the important data, Cloud Fish works efficiently when it comes to create or edit documents in HTML format, too. With the help of Cloud Fish we can access to our documents anytime, anywhere. From creating or deleting or managing any folder to the transferring voice memos to PC and Mac, scanning or editing documents to drawing sketches into your PDF documents, from sending files to transferring documents from one device to another Cloud Fish handles all the chores vividly.

What's New in Version 1.2 :

The new version of Cloud Fish has been computed to run on iOS 10, this application has been made to fix all the errors and bugs which were reported by the users on the previous versions.

Cloud Fish has been modified and improved so that it may fulfill all the needs and requirements of the users.

About CloudFish LLC :

CloudFish LLC is an IT consulting and software development firm with an aim to provide its clients with easily usable and manageable apps.

Product Download Link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/enterprise-productivity-suite/id979972214?mt=8
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