Essential skills for network engineers

From: DSPress Ltd
Published: Tue Oct 22 2013

When talking to one of the authors, Bob Denham, business partner at DSPress, Sonali MacKenna found out why the book was still proving useful.

"The book came about when Kevin and I were working for BT in the UK. We had the responsibility of training and developing many of their senior telecoms engineers and turning them into datacoms specialists. We worked on this project for some four years and trained around 3,000 engineers in the process. At the start we used to run some network design workshops because this skill was relatively new to many of the attendees. Our rather "ad hoc" approach eventually turned into a three or four day set of structured workshops and lecture sessions. Many of the delegates asked if they could have a more formal set of notes and so this book was born.

IPV4 is still the cornerstone of much of The Internet today and the need to train a new generation of engineers continues apace. The book still gives them the fundamental skill to enable them to design networks quickly and efficiently.

We are working on a new update to the book, including making it available as an ebook. A new cover is being designed and we will add a short section on IPV6 in the New Year. As it is currently available for under $5.00 we think it represents excellent value for a printed book in the current market."
Sonali said that the new version of the book would be available in spring 2014.

IP Subnet Design by Kevin Sullivan and Bob Denham
ISBN 0-9545288-0-8 (currently in printed form only)
Company: DSPress Ltd
Contact Name: Keith Sutherland
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