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From: Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Published: Wed Jul 22 2015

The increased interaction and access to activities is just a small part of the new features of Fotor's latest installment, which is poised to set the digital photo editing world on a new and exciting path.
Fotor's interaction with its user base has always been exemplary, with weekly competitions and a multitude of special activities, the input of the users has been a major developmental force for this young app. During its initial stages of development, Fotor drew extensively from the suggestions of its users in implementing new features and designs. During this period of growth, developer David Wang sought to instill his vision of a dynamic and powerful app, with the ability to organically grow to meet the demands of an oftentimes turbulent and fickle digital climate. "While I have guided Fotor's development - to an extent, its growth has seemed more like a natural progression, like evolution" David also commented on how this has been reflected through Fotor's user base, "We have reached the point of being a 'benchmark' app, something which others compare themselves to…".
While David's vision has been the essential in establishing of Fotor’s dynamic nature, it has been the harmonious synergy between different creative forces which have tempered this finely crafted software platform. One of the other key creative figures is Vince Hu, the director of marketing, found the cultural differences in Fotor's users and staff member to be an advantage rather than a hindrance. "Crossing cultural barriers has always been something we have relished, here at Fotor" explains Vince, "For many companies, this proves to be a huge problem to overcome as communication and conceptual problems arise, for us however, it has only been a positive influence". Receiving his education in Finland, Vince is more than accomplished in managing groups of many cultures and backgrounds. His mission to see Fotor become the one of the most popular editing suites was realized last year, now he seeks to provide the growing number of users the opportunity to interact and communicate, laying the foundation of the next step in digital photo editing technology.
The new version is not just a significant upgrade, but is the first step in a series of ground breaking developments, set to completely revolutionize the way we understand digital mobile editing.
The 'vision' (Android) and 'Events'(iOS) features are open spaces where users can post and view photographs from both professional and amateur photographers, as well as interacting with Fotor directly through participation in the official competitions and activities. "Cultivating a strong user base and connections with professional photographers has been a long term mission for Fotor" says Vince, who now feels Fotor is ready for the next stage of growth. With the inclusion of a designated message box for iOS users, many new filters and effects as well as various community additions, both Vince and David are wholly focused on the future. "While we are all very excited about the integration of the new features, the next stage of development is to be the most significant".
The inclusion of weekly competitions had a huge impact on the creative direction of the app, resulting in the cooperation of world renowned photographers and an ever growing photographic community.
"As our competitions become increasing well known, we decided we should seek out the cooperation of professional photographers to maximize the quality of images and creativity of our user base" David explains, "…we at Fotor like to set the bar high". Having strived to provide users with a comprehensive editing platform, it was not difficult to win the support of a number of established photographic professionals. As the official judges of the competitions, their expertise continues to inspire the greater user base, laying the foundations of Fotor's next installment, a global stock photo marketplace.
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