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Published: Tue Mar 30 2010

Long gone are the days when a website used to be a simple business card for a company and only young businesses sported them, with the older generation grumbling about how these fads would soon disappear. Nowadays, a business needs a website if it wants to survive as it represents the first point of contact with a customer. Read on to know more…

March 30, 2010 - Rolling Wave understands the value of a website for a company and thus creates an additional, invaluable tool in the sales process of any business. A well thought out, effective website can be more valuable than a whole marketing campaign that cost a fortune. A company’s web presence provides a means for the customer to get to know them and create a bond. People are no longer satisfied doing business or buying from faceless corporations. They want to know who the people behind the name are and they want to interact with them.

Therefore, a website gives a business the opportunity to create and maintain a relationship with its customers, which helps to improve the bottom line because retaining a customer is much cheaper than finding a new one. Essentially, this bond leads to trust and loyalty, meaning that a person will be more inclined to buy from someone they know rather than a company with a flashy logo.

Rolling Wave is not merely a web development company, but a service that offers complete internet solutions for small and medium businesses. They understand the importance of a website and work with customers to create the perfect, tailored solution that meets their objectives.

From a fresh website design, to custom, complex developments and even mobile phone application development, Rolling Wave provides all the support a business needs in creating an effective web presence.

Technology is moving at lightning speed meaning that every day new platforms appear that can be incorporated into creating a complete web presence. For example, the iPhone is now one of the most used methods to access the internet remotely. A company that is in tune with the latest innovations will always stand out from the crowd. Rolling Wave guarantees their clients’ that they will always be leaders of the pack when it comes to technology.

Rolling Wave uses the latest technology with solutions that are based on a flexible platform allowing for quick changes if they are required. Providing exceptional value, flexible solutions and cutting edge expertise, the Rolling Wave team’s mission is to improve business processes and use state of the art technology to bring companies closer to their customers.

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