Industrial cleaning comes of age!

From: Tubetech International Ltd
Published: Mon May 17 2010

Global industrial cleaning specialists Tube Tech International Ltd, UK, continuously challenge traditional cleaning methods including the manner in which they present, prepare and execute individual contracts. Tube Tech have recently invested in a 3D/virtual reality and computer generated imaging (CGI) animation company which enables Tube Tech to present their novel ideas in a ‘live theatre’ fashion to their clients.
Mr Mike Watson, managing director of ‘Tube Tech International Ltd’, states "Combining 3D animation and virtual reality graphics means that any global client will be able to out on the head set, don the glove and witness, in an accurate, virtual environment how we intend cleaning or inspecting their particular application."
"This service is especially helpful when the project is a one off, critical path or where others have tried and failed," he concludes.

This service offering from Tube Tech will be particularly beneficial to those who with equipment that is difficult to access or those with equipment that appears impossible to clean. Upon receiving specifications from the client, Tube Tech can design and present the solution to the client in an easily understood and graphical manner.

Tube Tech provides a range of technology including pipeline and heat exchanger de-scaling/cleaning service. The company’s surface preparation capability takes full advantage of super high pressure water jetting skills and technology to take surfaces back to their original profile, readiness for recoating.

The company can also apply a specialist ultra-rapid-cure coating system called Permacoat™. This ultra-resilient durable surface coating can be applied to any conceivable surface for all kinds of applications.
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