Insurers and Tech Company Partner to Tackle Cyclist Fatalities

From: Cycle Alert
Published: Tue Aug 25 2015

As the wearable and other smart technologies look set to transform the insurance industry over the next few years, Yellow Jersey are looking to engage their customers with the Cycle Alert technology, looking to reduce the number of collisions between cyclists and large goods vehicles.
Manufactured in the UK, Cycle Alert is the world's first RFID system that specifically detects cyclists in proximity to HGVs and buses. The system comprises of a tag fitted to the cyclist’s bike, wireless low-power sensors on the vehicle and a cab-mounted device to alert the driver of a cyclist’s presence.
The three Cycle Alert RFID components work together to form a communications network between all parties, with the driver being given maximum advance notice of the proximity of a cyclist.
The system is currently only operating on large goods vehicles in York, Greater London and the Capital, with plans to extend its roll-out nationally in 2016.
"We all try to be careful on the roads, but I know I’ve been in some frightening situations before when someone hasn’t seen me. I was looking at some statistics on the BBC, and as many as 59% of adults in London agreed the roads were too dangerous to cycle on, which is a real shame, because we know how much of a difference cycling can make to both our health and the congestion in our cities.
"While we aim our insurance at the enthusiast and racing end of the market, many of our customers are still using their bikes to commute, or came into the sport through commuting by bicycle. We have seen a real opportunity to reduce the risks to cyclists through Cycle Alert, and with our customer base of cyclists, we have the opportunity to begin distributing cycle alert tags to the people who need them, quickly and immediately." Ryan Georgiades, Managing Director, Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance
Seven out of the eight people killed on bicycles in London this year, were killed by HGVs; 9 out of 14 were killed in 2014. Nationally, HGVs about for approximately 25% of cyclist fatalities. Though a new Safer Lorries Scheme is to be introduced in London on 1 September 2015, the Scheme makes no calls for the use of technology and does not extend beyond the Capital.
Many believe the scheme does not go far enough, with Cycle Alert Co-Founder Peter Le Masurier commenting, "The Department for Transport should be looking at a technological set of safety standards that move beyond mirrors and side-guards to legislate, nationally."
"Yellow Jersey are trailblazing a path to seriously tackle cycle safety by embracing our wearable technology. Thanks to our close relationship, we are able to further grow the number of Cycle Alert users among both cyclists and fleet operators, for the benefit of a safer road space for all.", he adds.
Lord Attlee, speaking in the House of Lords recently, raised the possibility of wearable technology becoming more widely adopted with the backing of Government in a bid to reduce the number of incidents between cyclists and HGVs.

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1. Media Contacts:
Danni Lapham, Marketing Manager, Cycle Alert.
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William Leedham, Junior Marketing Executive, Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance.
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2. About Cycle Alert:
Cycle Alert is a unique, inexpensive technology designed to decrease the risk of incidents between cyclists and vehicles on the road by making cyclists more visible and encouraging both drivers and cyclists to take responsibility for road safety.
The Cycle Alert cyclist specific tracking system involves a tag fitted to a bike or a cyclist’s helmet, sensors on the vehicle and a cab-mounted device to alert the driver.
If a cyclist is within a 2.5 meter radius of the vehicle, the system alerts the driver by setting off an alarm in the cab.

3. About Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance
Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance is owned and managed by a family run, established, UK insurance broker. Three of the directors, enthusiastic cyclists and triathletes, realised that existing insurance options, through home insurance and other stand-alone cycle insurance providers, didn’t offer a product that met all of their needs, or which catered for the growing popularity of competitive
Over the first 12 months of business, Yellow Jersey has grown steadily as customers recognise the superior level of cover on offer, and the excellent customer service provided by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic cyclists who make up the Yellow Jersey team.
Company: Cycle Alert
Contact Name: Danni Lapham
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Contact Phone: 07841 779 919

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