LED Obstruction Lighting to be Fitted to the Forth Road Bridge

From: Contarnex Europe Limited
Published: Tue Jan 05 2010

The compact design, low power, high reliability and price of the new obstuction light were the features for FETA to award to Contarnex Europe Limited the Forth Road Bridge refurbishment project. The obstruction lights are designed to be highly visible to aircraft from long distances without being dazzling.

CEL Aviation have now supplied new CEL-MI-20KW-48-X medium intensity obstruction lights Type A white 20,000cd to the Forth Estuary Transit Authority for the refurbishment of the aviation warning lights for the Forth Road Bridge.

The CEL-MI-20KW-48-X meets the ICO International Standards and Recommended Practices: Aerodromes – Annex 14 Volume 1, 4th Edition, July 2004, chapter 6: Medium Intensity, Type A Fixed obstacle lights provides the reliability and performance required.

The CEL-MI-20KW-48-X utilises light emitting diode (LED) technology that exhibits many new features and concepts when compared to the existing incandescent based technology. The grouped 'luxeon' light emitting diodes, produce the light output required superseding the existing technology, therefore resulting in massive percentage reduction in power required, and savings in infrastructure and operating costs for their visual aid lighting.

The projected LED-life of a CEL-MI-20KW-48-X is expected to be in excess of 100,000 hours, thus increasing maintenance intervals with a five year mechanical return warranty, for further peace of mind.

The cabinet power supply converters feature an intelligent power system distributing alternate voltage levels for day and night operations thus outputting 20,000 or 2,000cd when ambient light levels change.

CEL Aviation has installed numerous Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights, already reporting that contractors and clients being extremely happy with the product, for ease of installation set up and reliability.

For further information about obstruction lighting please go to www.contarnex.com please visit http://www.contarnex.com/site/aviation/led-overview.shtml.

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