MH-IT is looking for local partners for managed ICT Bulgarian outsourcing project.

From: MH-IT
Published: Mon Sep 03 2018

Michel Heinst of MH-IT has been active for sixteen years for various IT distributors, selling hardware and software products in Europe and America, such as servers, storage, PCs and laptops. He has been doing this for the last 3.5 years as a Dutch entrepreneur living Bulgaria.

Encouraged by the Bulgarian success with hardware and software products, Heinst also decided to start providing services. "Think of remote management of local workplaces, onsite installations, migration processes, application management and software development. Smaller organizations in Europe and USA, such as small and medium-sized businesses and local governments, can hardly find ICT specialists due to the shortage on the labor market, and when found they become very expensive.
Labor market prognoses shortage of 500.000 IT specialist in Europe by 2020, our Bulgarian specialists can take over ICT work against reasonable prices. " "Not only the lower personnel costs, but also the high level of IT training, especially in the capital Sofia, are the reason for this", explains Heinst. "Global players such as HPE, VMware, SAP and Ingram Micro have benefited for years from the wide range of highly trained Bulgarian IT staff."

Why Bulgaria?

The choice for Bulgaria does not come out of the blue. Heinst: "The gross wage costs and the tax burden is many times lower than in Western Europe and the USA. The reason of the larger supply of ICT professionals is partly because in Sofia more female students follow ICT programs compared to the rest of Europe and the USA. Do not expect any language problems when you move your ICT activities to Bulgaria, because the direct contact always takes place via our local account managers.

MH-IT's method is different from that of (large) cloud companies, Heinst warns. "They only rent out a piece of hardware; the support must be purchased extra at very high rates. Own applications are not supported by these cloud companies at all, so that requires another partner. Incidentally, for our Bulgarian solution it does not matter whether the hardware is on the customer's side, in a cloud like Azure, AWS or Google, or in our own hosting center with the latest server products from HPE, Dell, Lenovo and Cisco. "


Finally, why not outsource via the established names? "Large parties focus on large companies", Heinst concludes. "We focus entirely on SMEs and local governments. We focus on our customers specific needs, want to excel in flexibility and offer a very favorable price-quality ratio. "

The new outsourcing formula is successful, which is why Heinst is looking for several local ICT partners in Western Europe and USA, who can carry out onsite management and sell the services of MH-IT to a wider audience.
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