Developers' team has announced the launch of two premium versions of the Check Car Engine app, which allows to estimate state and risks of motor oil and car engine.

[UKPRwire, Wed Aug 05 2015] The Softomas company presents two premium versions of mobile application which allows to estimate state and risks of engine-oil and car engine itself, based on results of the legendary oil-drop test. The app oriented on car-owners and specialists on diagnostics and repair of car engines.

In addition to free versions, these new are having features of editing tests information, storing them into device memory, viewing lists of tests, and recalling tests for retrospection. Applications are using built-in DB capabilities, and organize interaction in user-friendly manner.

Next steps in developing applications of the series are concentrated on the accuracy of recognition of the tests, and extending storing features into the data systematizing – with supporting a list of numerous cars - and analyzing data in historical aspect for each tested car's engine.

Principles of the oil-drop test, which are known in different countries from the middle of XX century, are based on the fact that all significant characteristics of the engine-oil current state, and also most important markers of the state and risks of engine itself, are indicated in the image of oil stain. Such an image, named also “chromatographic test”, or “chromatogram”, is well-known for specialists, and cannot be simply interpreted visually by car owners. The app Check Car Engine solves this problem by automatic analysis the image and makes the oil-drop test, nowadays maybe the most reliable, available for daily use for wide audience for the first time ever.

Usage of the application is simple and understandable. Each estimated parameter has a description, which can be viewed in dialog window. For better results, users can refer to built-in manual, which contains detailed and step-by-step written description of the testing process.

The application is useful and handy tool, which providing reliable and believable information in several typical situations, which are well-known for every car owner.
Here are some of them:
• monitoring the current state of the motor oil, and of need to replace it;
• demonstration of the state of the engine when selling used car;
• inspection of the state of the engine when buying used car;
• verification of results of other types of engine inspection;
• quality control of repairs of the engine;
• search of latent defects of an engine not discoverable by other means;
• preventive self-checks of state and work of the engine.

All versions of the application are available now on the Google Play and Amazon stores. The company planning to develop a general version of application for all main platforms.

Additional information, real tests samples, and versions comparison are available on the product site at

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