Modera to announce new product versions at Internet World

From: Modera
Published: Wed Apr 28 2010

Software company Modera is to announce the latest versions of its product range at Internet World 2010.

The fifth generation of Modera Webmaster Professional is to be unveiled at the online marketing show, which will deliver many new features and updates to existing functionality. The administration interface will have a new design, new e-commerce modules, a new dashboard, an integrated tool for embedding any analytics tools and an updated workflow system.

The software company that creates CMS and CRM products will also exclusively announce details of its next generation platform to be released in 2011.
The platform will provide more control and flexibility for the information management process creating more comprehensive services for clients and partners. Modera will also release new tools for managing content from a single source and help to maximise the reuse of content with more intuitive tools to do so.

The next generation software will be very different to anything in the marketplace with the following impact for three core groups.

- For partners, it will allow easier ways to generate revenue using our app store (something that they have currently used Modera’s Partner Extranet for the past six years to do so). Now, at the same time, they can offer corporate clients opportunity to use platform that is in-between high-end commercial and open source, combining these two elements simultaneously.

- For clients, it will allow them to bring development costs down and them have an affordable option of moving all operations onto one platform, taking the full advantage of the offerings.

- For the community, it will bring platform that embeds the best practices of commercial operations raising the overall quality level of the products and services that are acceptable to CIOs of multinational organisations. This will give partners opportunities to move up in the market and offer real alternatives that can challenge peers in a competitive arena.

Siim Vips, CEO at Modera comments, "The core functionality is already there for the platform, so we will release details about the architecture and main benefits it will bring to developers, businesses and to the industry at Internet World. The benefits is different for each group of users, but in general it will revolutionise the speed of development, ensure that only best practices can be used during development and takes full advantage of all the future standards."

In most cases, there won’t be a need for programming, because 80 percent of the code is auto generated. At the same time, all current development tools can be plugged in, to make it usable in line with current practices.

Vips explains, "From a usability point of view, the interfaces are very different that clients are used to, because of the removal of restrictions and elimination of any unnecessary functions. The platform embeds all current practices and takes into account what the future best practices will be on all levels. This allows 100 percent reuse of content across an organisation taking advantage of innovative workflow systems."

"Even with the recession, Modera demonstrates its commitment to technology in creating superior products that its clients and partners need to stay ahead in competitive marketplaces," Vips concludes.


----Notes to editors----

Modera will be exhibiting at stand E7035 from 27-29 April 2010.

Siim Vips, CEO at Modera will be guest speaking at Internet World on Thursday 29 April 2010, 3:15, in the Content Management Theatre, delivering a presentation entitled ‘Evolution of content management technologies’

Attendees have an opportunity to win a racing weekend at legendary Nürburgring in Germany. Businesses registered within European Union can enter the Modera driving competition by either upgrading their current Modera product to latest version, or signing up for a free private trial of a Modera product, which they can do at Internet World, or at the Modera website for more information.

The media spokesperson for Modera is Siim Vips, CEO. Photographs are available of the Modera team.

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About Modera

Modera is a global software company specialising in content management development that constantly challenges the technology and clients environments to deliver superior solutions that meet expectations. Modera operates in over 20 countries including the UK, Spain, Hong Kong and the USA, with headquarters in Estonia.

Backed by 24-hour support and a vast partner network, Modera takes the hassle out of content management with its cost-effective webmaster, intranet and extranet product line. Whether taken separately or together as a complete interconnected product, these tools are fast, secure, simple-to-use modular in design making them highly flexible and are competitively priced.

Simple to install and maintain, Modera’s scalable service caters for SMEs through to large organisations that require products to service bespoke individual needs. Its clients include established and well-known brands such as Bank of Happiness, Nissan, Citizen Watches, Group 4 Securicor (GS4), Hong Kong Express Airline,, Bose and The Mama Group Plc.

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