Raw Milk Vending Machine Market: Rising Milk Production Propels Use of Vending Machines for Sale of

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Published: Thu Oct 11 2018

The increasing affordability of milk due to rising disposable incomes and the dropping prices of milk are propelling the adoption of raw milk vending machines all across Europe. This market will also benefit from the increasing production of milk all across the region. Furthermore, the processing of milk to make various dairy products such as ice creams, chocolates, cheese, and buttermilk are also driving this market. The research report states the opportunity in the Europe raw milk vending machine market was worth US$6.45 mn in 2015 and will reach US$17.97 mn by 2024. During the forecast period of 2016 and 2024, the market will surge at a CAGR of 12.5%.

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EU7 Countries to Remain Key Contributors to Market

The EU7 countries are anticipated to witness maximum installations of raw milk vending machines in the near future. This trend will be a result of high demand for raw milk in countries such as Italy and France. Additionally, a phenomenal rise in milk production, discontinuation of milk quotas, and a drop in milk prices has created a negative impact on dairy farmers across Europe. Thus, to gain profits and to find innovative ways to sell dairy products, farmers are opting for selling through raw milk vending machines.

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Amongst the CIS countries, the contribution for commercial milk is exceptionally less due to the existence of family farms that are focusing on strengthening their agriculture activities. Russia is the key contributor in this sub-regional segment. The negligible growth of raw milk vending machines market in these regions will also be due to the rearing of livestock for personal use. The CIS raw milk vending machine market will only surge by CAGR of 9.0% between 2016 and 2024.

The Europe raw milk vending machine market is also growing against the increasing consumption of milk as more and more people are appreciating health benefits of milk. Furthermore, the growing awareness of organic products is also anticipated to increase the popularity of raw milk vending machines in the near future. The indispensable reliance on milk to produce cheese, especially in countries such as Italy, France, and Poland, will propel the demand for raw milk, thereby increasing the adoption and usage of raw milk vending machines.

Possibility of Food Poisoning through Raw Milk Hinders Market Growth

Despite steady market drivers the Europe raw milk vending machine market is being overshadowed by the dangerous possibility of food poisoning caused by raw milk. It is well-known fact that raw milk is prone to bacterial growth, which can be harmful to human life. The awareness about these drawbacks of vending machines is making consumers hesitant towards buying from vending machines.

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