Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days of Crowdfunding in South Africa

From: Change Lives Now
Published: Mon May 02 2016

When Change Lives Now opened its doors three hundred and sixty five days ago it joined an elite group of Crowdfunding websites in South Africa. It was definitely not the first and will not be the last. It was however, unique.

Change Lives Now based its strategy on helping communities and people in need, in South Africa. Specific focus was toward Non Profit Organisations however, not limited to them. It proved to be an excellent strategy.

Non Profit Organisations in South Africa have been battling to gain the audience they require to market their different mission statements to the general South African public. Change Live Now assisted by allowing unlimited time periods for Campaigns submitted on their website. Most importantly, it was a keep what you get, no matter what. So, if you raise R10.00 out of your R100 000.00 target, you have not successfully accomplished your goal but you can still use that R10.00 for the benefit of your project.

The payment system used by Change Lives Now appealed to all South Africanís. It was incredibly simple. They used the most popular and secure payment gateway in the world, PayPal. PayPal allows donations to be received by international countries, not only South Africa. This appeals to all, whether you are an individual or organisation Crowdfunding on Change Lives Now.

Submitting a project to Change Lives Now is incredibly simple and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. A campaignerís project is not automatically live on Change Lives Now. A campaign undergoes a process of verification to ensure the user is not fake and is not illegally using Crowdfunding for personal gain.

Change Lives Now, like most of the Crowdfunding companies in South Africa at the moment battle to engage in the true concept of Crowdfunding. Trust, is an incredible factor. Can the public actually believe that funds will go to where they say they will? The answer is no. There is no guarantee that your hard earned funds you donate will in fact reach their Campaigns promise. That is why Change Lives Now does its utmost to ensure that Campaigns on its website are in fact genuine. Change Lives Now rejects numerous projects weekly due to inconsistencies found.

Social media is paramount to the success of a Crowdfunding Campaign. South African campaigners understand this. Having the followers that will donate money to their Cause is another issue. We find many Crowd funders battle to successfully achieve their dream goal due to not having enough followers on twitter or friends on Facebook that are willing to donate or willing to share their Campaign on Change Lives Now across all platforms.

If you are planning on Crowdfunding, Change Lives Now encourages you to follow their simple guides that will get you one step closer to success.

Jason Grieve, founder and director of Change Lives Now said that "Crowdfunding is an unbelievable tool for all South Africans. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime." When asked what he would do differently Jason replied, "Crowdfunding in South Africa needs to be re-invented to focus on those that desperately require funding in rural areas across South Africa. Mobile Crowdfunding Apps customised for all of the South African Official languages will accomplish this."

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