Top Recipe App CALCMENU Revolutionizes Culinary Professional Industry with its Real-Time Recipe Data

Published: Thu May 17 2018

EGS Enggist and Grandjean Software SA (EG Software), a leading software development company, introduces a web-based recipe management system called CALCMENU to help foodservice industry professionals manage and standardize menus, recipes, and merchandise.

CALCMENU is recognized by top food organizations for its multiple language translation feature, allowing multiple sites across the world to access its extensive recipe database. Foodservice managers and staff of restaurants, hotels, catering companies, airlines, home care facilities, and hotel management schools can do menu planning as well as forecasting and composition label management with allergens, ingredients and other information real time.

Developed by Swiss engineer innovators Marc Enggist and Sandro Grandjean, CALCMENU’s recipe software applications help companies increase their profit margins at the same time raise efficiency levels in their day-to-day operations. CALCMENU users gain valuable knowledge to eliminating pricing and inventory inaccuracies. Accessing much-needed catalog and supplies will be easy, with the application’s supplier and advance inventory management capabilities. Multiple currency calculation is also possible in addition to key features, such as recipe print templates, menu engineering, plating instructions, labor cost calculation, tax rate management, recipe versions, and imperial and metric measurement units.

EG Software spent considerable time in developing CALCMENU as the company wants to ensure its technology meets the strictest food safety and compliance standards of global regulatory authorities. These include the United States Food and Drug Administration Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council. HACCP is a food management system that involves control and assessment of chemical, biological, and physical hazards from processing of raw materials, purchasing and handling, until the production, allocation, and utilization of the final product. Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 amends food consumer information originally covered by Regulations (EC) No 1924/2006 and (EC) No 1925/2006.

As a recipe app, CALCMENU, empowers culinary professionals to respond to their customers’ needs. They can easily make adjustments in portioning, procedures, and other essential presentations in their food preparation. Customers with special dietary requirements are also met with CALCMENU’s allergen management and food composition and declaration. Every recipe is especially prepared, with each ingredient carefully selected and sourced.

"CALCMENU is targeted towards food service professionals who are looking for something revolutionary in their approach towards recipe management. If they want to seriously cut their overall operational costs and implement a network of recipe database that their staff can easily access regardless of their locations, it is hightime they integrate CALCMENU into their system. It is a choice of putting the well-being of their clients since CALCMENU is equipped with several features that take into consideration the dietary concerns of some people," according to Enggist, Chief Executive Officer of EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA.

CALCMENU is an advanced recipe and nutrient calculator tool that underwent rigorous testings to ensure high-quality solutions to culinary professionals. For almost 30 years, CALCMENU has served different clients, including renowned chefs, top multinational companies, chains of restaurants and hotels, hospitals and healthcare system, and food production companies.

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