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From: TrackerPad
Published: Sun Jul 19 2015

TrackerPad is a GPS pad that sticks to surfaces and will locate your misplaced or even stolen items. TrackerPad uses a GPS measuring only 10 x 10 x 3.8mm its one of the smallest GPS units built and weighs only 1.6 gr. TrackerPads are slick and slim. They can tuck into any area without taking up space or making it bulky. They are small and slim enough to hide in places where they can't be seen. Stick TrackerPads onto your most valued items like cars, motorcycles, bikes. So if anything was to happen to them, they can be easily tracked.

TrackerPads also have geo-fencing where you can set boundaries for your pads. If one of your pads was to exit its set boundaries you will be notified via the TrackerPad app. Boundaries can be setup via the app or web app.

Some other ideas of things you can track are:

Pets - for example your dogs collar.
Children - ask them to keep one in their pocket or bag so you can monitor their location.
Phones - stick one to the back of your phone.
Bags - slip one inside a bag.

TrackerPads come with a built-in prepaid sim which communicates with a server, which then forwards the relevant information to your mobile via the TrackerPad app. No service plan is needed and TrackerPad will work world-wide.

It only takes a couple of touches to track your items. Giving you peace of mind 24/7.

TrackerPad makes use of wireless charging technology. Simply plug-in your charging bay, place your pads onto the bay and they will begin to charge. TrackerPads have a battery life of 7 days depending on how often you want location reports, you can change this via the app. For example if you want the pad to report its location every 5mins, this will run the battery down faster than if you was reporting the location every 20mins.

TrackerPads are waterproof and can be use over and over again by simply applying water to the back of the pad. This reactivates the sticky surface making it easy to use again.

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