UK-based data protection from Ridgeon Network

From: Ridgeon Network Ltd
Published: Wed May 06 2015

One of the biggest advantages of using Ridgeon Network's FTP hosting services is that you forgo the need to waste money and space on your own on-site data storage facilities.

With Ridgeon Network, all of your data is stored on remote servers. These are contained in a Midlands-based data centre that provides high-speed international connectivity to keep your business running smoothly, as well as an exceptional level of digital and physical security measures to ensure complete protection.

To make sure your data is constantly accessible, our data centre uses N+1 resilient power, with multiple uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. This set-up means that even if one area is disrupted, the system is always provided with a sufficient level of power to keep performing. The facility also utilises diesel generations and multiple internet transit providers to ensure your data is accessible even in the event of a mains power outage.

In the event of an Internet transit issue on the primary Internet connectivity, the redundant connection becomes active to ensure data can always be accessed and high speed performance maintained.

Additionally, our servers are fully protected from physical threats. We selected an industrial strength facility that utilises every level of on-site protection. The building itself is encircled by strong perimeter fence and access is granted only through electronically controlled gates to authorised personnel. The entire facility is manned 24/7 by professional security guards and constantly monitored by a comprehensive CCTV security system.

In the unlikely event of fire, inbuilt FM200 fire suppression systems. This system is totally waterless, so there's no risk of accidental damage to our servers, and it will activate upon detecting a fire, suppressing it immediately.

The data centre network is monitored 24x7x365 with support engineers available to solve all problems as soon as they become apparent. With Ridgeon Network, your service and data is always accessible, always secure and always supported.

Ridgeon Network has been providing IT services for over 16 years, so we understand the value of high-grade security systems.. Why not contact us today to discuss which of our highly secure packages is right for your business? We look forward to hearing from you.
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