University of Westminster Launches New Website on Squiz’s Open Source CMS Platform, MySource Matrix

Squiz UK today announced the successful launch of the University of Westminster’s new website, based on MySource Matrix Open Source CMS. The site was co-developed and implemented in only eight weeks and hands complete control back to the university's content and technical teams.

[UKPRwire, Tue Dec 01 2009] Squiz UK today announced the successful launch of the University of Westminster’s new website, based on MySource Matrix Open Source CMS platform. The project was completed, from commissioning to live, in just eight weeks, and gives the university the platform for exciting new opportunities and control of their future development costs.

After a rapid evaluation period, the in-house technical team at the University of Westminster chose MySource Matrix to meet an urgent requirement to advance their website onto a contemporary and high performing technical platform. Work to develop the new web design and content was in place on an earlier, proprietary, system, however the earlier platform had been outgrown, there were significant technical issues and the University team were confronted by very tight deadlines. MySource Matrix was selected in a competitive evaluation based on acquisition price, and won because it provided the right mix of performance, scalability and system integration capabilities and a clean and easy front end for the University’s content editors - as well as a rigorous workflow engine.

The Squiz team were challenged to deliver a cost-effective implementation of the wire-frame web design in a necessarily short period to move design to production: in an accelerated co-development period of just 3 weeks working with Squiz, the target was met. Once the technical platform was in place, Squiz trained the core Westminster developer, editorial and administration team, enabling them to handle content migration and to create much of the new site architecture themselves. The Squiz technical team then assisted with advanced elements of the build. The live site is managed and hosted out of Squiz’s ultra-secure data centre and is fully managed via an enterprise-level SLA to handle day-to-day support issues and application tuning.

"We're delighted with the final result and with Matrix," said Professor Roger James, Director of Information Services at the University of Westminster. "We'd struggled in the past trying to move our existing CMS system forward and demanded something to deliver greater flexibility, the architecture to deliver new functionality and a better content editing experience. Essentially, we needed to have a system which provided more from the basic product and was extendable without having to rely on extensive and expensive development work. A product that did not require a significant budget each time we added something new. The arrangement with Squiz is very promising. The software is available without a massive up-front purchase cost, and we can employ Squiz technical help as and when we need it. And with an SLA in place it’s a safe choice for us - we can just pick up the phone if we need help."

The new site went live, on time, in September. Future plans are to integrate the Website with a new development of the Intranet facilities and move the core content management facilities of the university to a modern, easy to create and easy to use infrastructure.

"We can provide the five most important things a University needs from a Web Content Management Platform," said Stephen Morgan, Managing Director, Squiz UK, "which are:

1. Ease of use: MySource Matrix provides a selection of different user interfaces to suit the broad range of skill levels you find within Universities.
2. Integration with a diverse range of systems: MySource Matrix provides a suite of integration tools from simple screen scraping, up to database bridges and web service APIs. These tools allow the system to integrate with the extremely divese range of platforms you find within the HE environment.
3. Scalability: MySource Matrix is easy to scale in terms of the number of editors, amount of content served and high traffic loads in peak periods.
4. Flexible business model: As the University of Westminster example shows, Squiz can provide complete flexibility from ad hoc support hours right up to fixed price projects and comprehensive Service Level Agreements.
5. A coherent roadmap specifically for Higher Education: Squiz services over a dozen Universities in the UK including Oxford, Greenwich and Edinburgh. Along with double that number in America and Australia. Our solutions roadmap for Higher Education is therefore robust and industry leading.

We’re delighted to be associated with University of Westminster. It’s one more great example of how Squiz is driving Web Content Management in Higher Education forward."

About Squiz and the MySource Matrix Open Source Content Management System

Squiz is a Supported Open Source solutions company which was founded in Australia in 1998 and now has offices all around the world, including New Zealand, UK, Australia and Poland – with other additions imminent. Squiz’s Open Source Content Management System, MySource Matrix, is used by many leading companies including EMAP, Boots and Oxford University.

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About the University of Westminster

Founded in 1838 as Britain’s first polytechnic, the University of Westminster now teaches more than 22,000 students on undergraduate courses, Masters, research, professional programmes and short courses across its sites in central and north-west London.

The University has a long history of innovation and leading the way in developing new technologies, including opening the first ever photographic studio in Europe and showing the first moving pictures to a paying British public.

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