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From: Upshot Commerce
Published: Tue Apr 07 2015

Upshot Commerce, a provider of on-demand, fully customizable ecommerce platforms, announced today it has completed integration with, the online marketplace where everyone can access the best offers and earn cash back on almost everything they buy online.

The integration enables clients of Upshot Commerce to offer their shoppers the benefits of verified consumer identity and group affiliations in real-time. does not sell, rent, or loan member information to third parties for any reason. members retain complete control over how or if their information is shared and do so on a case-by-case basis.

One Upshot Commerce client, Mountain Plus Outdoor Gear, has already implemented the integration, allowing verified military and first responder customers to get discounts and take advantage of their membership. For consumers, offers meaningful savings combined with the ability to control what personal information is shared with retailers on a case-by-case basis. For ecommerce retailers increases Average Order Values (AOVs) and contributes to higher conversion rates as consumers can access discounts effortlessly.

In addition to the unparalleled Upshot Commerce Solutions and Support, benefits of integrating with include:
Consistent customer experience across offline and online channels while reducing costs
Minimizing fraud and security risks associated with manual verification
Access to a large network of leading online retail brands

Upshot Commerce designs, builds and updates technology to expand and grow our client’s business with the latest cutting edge technologies and services. Further, as a full-service hosted platform, Upshot Commerce draws on experiences from over 20 years in the online retail industry to benefit our clients.

"As a full service system, we are increasingly technology partners, rather than platform providers," says Upshot Commerce CEO Neal Kaiser. "We build relationships with our clients continuously and we provide actionable strategy, technical assistance and practical ecommerce expertise. Our ongoing dialog with our clients brings a constant flow of ideas and feedback about new and developing features for our platform. Our amazing clients are truly our best assets." was a finalist for WSJ Startup of the Year, named one of Entrepreneur Magazine's "100 Brilliant Companies," and selected as one of five companies to participate in the President's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC).

Veteran-founded and led, is the first digital identity network that allows consumers to prove who they are online while controlling how their information is shared with brands. For participating organizations, acts as a trusted intermediary, capable of verifying consumer identity and group affiliations in real-time. This allows brands to ensure a consistent customer experience across offline and online channels while reducing costs, fraud and security risks associated with manual verification. has partnered with over 130 leading brands, including Under Armour,, Uber, Dell and Starbucks.’s plug-in technology works with the leading ecommerce platforms, including Upshot Commerce. For more information, visit

About Upshot Commerce
Upshot Commerce provides a comprehensive solution with robust, enterprise-ready features and best practices for Direct-To-Consumer and B2B e-commerce. Our solutions platform comes standard with numerous cost-saving and intuitive tools to allow organizations more efficient cross-channel inventory management, cross-functional order management, customer management, analytics, SEO, merchandising, and more. All components are an integral part of the platform, negating the need for many 3rd party integrations - along with the associated risk and cost of those integrations. The Upshot Commerce solution integrates exceptionally well with ERP, enterprise business intelligence and third party solutions to provide growing and established organizations the flexibility and stability needed to compete in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce. Seamless, automated workflow for your enterprise. Upshot Commerce has been in business for 20 years, with hundreds of clients, millions of transactions per month, over a billion in sales processed. A key feature that sets us apart is the relationships we build with our customers. When the average online retailer changes platforms every 4 years, our average customer has been with us 7 and a half years and some as long as 18. We require no contracts yet our customers choose to stay with us - year after year. Founded in 1994 by Neal Kaiser, the company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. The Upshot Commerce platform is ideal for growing businesses looking to upgrade and optimize their ecommerce solutions provider.
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