Vehicle Tracking System Helps Companies Move Forwards

From: SimplyTrak
Published: Fri Sep 10 2010

Vehicle tracking is now the number one way in which companies and organisations are helping to speed up mobility and delivery times, significantly increase efficiency, as well as complying with a duty of care, boosting security, and helping to ensure full compliance with both the law and health and safety. Without a suitable vehicle tracking system (like the ones offered by SimplyTrak the best that businesses can hope to achieve is to monitor progress at various intervals by contacting drivers and plotting locations manually.

SimplyTrak is one of the UK's leading providers of vehicle tracking systems, providing a system which is not only easy to use but provides a range of additional benefits beyond simply tracking the location of vehicles or goods. At the simplest level a vehicle tracking system from SimplyTrak will enable businesses to be able to superimpose the current location of all vehicles within the fleet or specific goods onto an easy to read map. Not only does this enable businesses to be able to identify the precise location of all of its units at any given time, but it also enables decisions to be made on the basis of economy and efficiency rather than guesswork.

But SimplyTrak have designed their vehicle tracking system to provide even more benefits, including the facility to set up a number of alerts, so that relevant personnel can be immediately alerted in a range of circumstances, such as vehicles being used out of hours, vehicles deviating from prescribed routes or set areas, vehicles being used for longer than is legally permitted, or vehicles breaking the speed limit. Affordable, easy-to-use and offering a wide range of benefits, a vehicle tracking system from SimplyTrak helps companies on the move, move forwards.

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SimplyTrak is one of the UK's leading providers of vehicle tracking systems, helping businesses improve efficiency, economy and security.

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