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From: WhizNets Inc.
Published: Tue Jul 26 2016

WHZ9189, small footprint 19×22.25×2.3mm module is compatible with market requirements for compact IoT products, e.g. smart plugs, smart home appliances, home security systems, and smart sensor/lighting devices. In addition, the low power design is useful for battery-powered applications.

The Module combines an ARM-Cortex M3 MCU, WLAN MAC, a 1T1R capable WLAN baseband, and RF to offer effortless operation for your connected product, providing maximum utility while saving you needless costs in your bill of materials, just attach a sensor to it and you are off the ground.

"Smart solutions demand smart things, our WHZ9189 WiFi IoT module along with the associated SDK, reference designs and custom design services simplifies the implementation challenges faced by OEMs, ODMs and System Integrators to add differentiating features in varying applications" said Atul Garg, CEO.

Here are some of the features which make WHZ9189 embedded IoT WiFi modules the shortest path to wireless connectivity and the IoT for nearly any application.

* Complete TCP/IP, Wi-Fi driver and security supplicant resides on the module, reducing host MCU software requirements.
* Module supports minimal AT command sets and provides reference drivers for hosts to use it over UART/SPI interface.
* Module comes in two variant with integrated PCB antenna or on module U.Fl antenna connector.
* CE, FCC, Canada, CB, Japan Telec, Korea KCC, Taiwan NCC, AU/NZ certified module, saves you on certification and development time and cost

With these above features, module help realize your IoT product functions to its full potential. Learn More.

Reference designs are powered by WhizNets managed hosted cloud platform that lets connect devices and interact securely with mobile applications over the cloud.

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