Winjit launched its automated machine learning product “PredictSense” at Mobile World Congress 2018,

From: Winjit Technologies
Published: Mon Feb 26 2018

Winjit, a pioneer in providing smart solutions by innovating concepts based on real-time data, launched its automated machine learning product ‘PredictSense’ on 26th February 2018 at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Located at booth 8.1 G61, Winjit exhibited its product followed by demo sessions, which was done by Mr. Sanket Khandare, VP – Technology at Winjit.

Winjit has been catering various sectors and business verticals with its smart and innovative platforms. ‘PredictSense’ is no different and is ready to make an impact in the coming years. When it comes to developing machine learning platforms, it could be a real challenge as it demands an expert for it. From choosing the right algorithm to having an in-depth knowledge of tools and techniques, is a must. This challenge is addressed by ‘PredictSense’, which allows the developer to build easy machine learning solutions even without indepth knowledge. A developer can simply feed the data set in ‘PredictSense’ where it evaluates multiple models and deploy the top ones to get valuable insights.

Winjit offered unlimited trial of ‘PredictSense’ to concurrent users at the event to test the accurate prediction model. It also gave the users a chance to see how easy and rapid solution the model offers. While some experts who visited the booth showed interest in product’s hyper parameters tuning while others were intrigued by its visualization insights.

‘PredictSense’ is an automated machine-learning platform, which has an open API structure and high-end algorithms, which can resolve complex real-time issue in a cost-effective manner. It is an easy to use product that is customizable and with its unique feature of predictive model and easy integration in any existing or new development will revolutionize the forthcoming business investments.

Mr. Abhijit Junagade, Director & Founder of Winjit, stated how it would impact the businesses in coming years. He said, "We are very excited about the launch of our automated machine learning product ‘PredictSense’ at this remarkable event ‘Mobile World Congress’. We are looking forward to cater our services to different industries and sectors worldwide."
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